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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

18th December 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Desire for change in business or profession, any such thought can be beneficial, your responsibilities can increase, a higher job role can be there, you will be able to prove your abilities
Gains from profession or career is well indicated, you are very forceful, but pressures can still be there, void any stress with elders superiors boss, financial pressures may be there, but strength of career will cover this uneasiness
Obstacles in career, you will have to shed your fears and work hard, don’t have any cleverness in your mind, that will not help, try to be honest, that will avoid the needless disputes also
If your money is tuck then you are worried for that, even otherwise some obstacles bother you, but your attitude is very positive that will protect your form many weaknesses in this period
Weak period, tensions pressures obstacles and stress, your capabilities are excellent, your career is also stable, but there is an overall impact of weakness which keeps you stressed
Your emotions and desires are strong, but there can be differences which spoil your expectations, if you take the support of friends and family members then some protection can be there
Weak period, differences with your loved ones can upset you, you are very forceful and that can be the cause of differences, your loved ones don’t trust you, try to change thee reasons for this thought
You have realized the need to work hard now, you have reached a stage where there is no other alternative, it is a favorable situation, you will gain from this effort, profession and family related tensions will be there
Generally stable and auspicious period, happiness around you from family and loved ones financial gains are indicated, overall lucky period in career for gains and appreciation
Stressful period, personal problems and financial problems are there, travels may have obstacles and tensions, but career is stable, avoid travels if possible
Your effort is to get gains in life by bringing about changes, this effort can give good results, but your responsibilities will increase, be prepared for that
Despites strength in profession, financial disputes may be there, you have to protect yourself from any kind of loss, this can be due to any dispute or legal problem, eventually you will gain from any such dispute also

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