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Saturday, December 15, 2007

15th December 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You are focused and happy with life but dissatisfied with financial inflows, you loose interest periodically, remember that there is nothing wrong, you are getting unnecessarily worried as these are all made up in the mind
Your career is stable, and you are doing fine, getting ahead in life is a good thing, but any change at the cost of stability is not recommended, especially so for small financial gains you should not risk the stability of life
Period of good financial gains, but there are inbuilt disputes connected with finances also, you are creating these disputes, if any dispute with government then be careful – it can be a long drawn battle
Lot of stress and tensions, weak period, even professional tensions may be there, protect your profession from needless disputes, that can be harmful to your interests
Generally auspicious period, that gives you lucky financial gains, you are dissatisfied about the family related issues, that is the cause for stress and problems, any legal matter connected with property must be avoided
Obstacles in career can be upsetting, hence have a lot of patience, only that will keep you away form professional problems, don’t believe in rumors, ascertain the facts yourself
Very auspicious financial gains, even spouse can be very helpful and supportive, you are not happy in relationships and emotional affairs, but your heightened over confidence can also be the cause of these problems also
Family and home related worries, all these are made up in your mind, profession and finances are stable, but don’t waste money on pleasures, that can be wasteful, avoid family related disputes
Emotions and marriage, these are the areas of your thinking, some ups and downs of thinking but divine blessing is with you, avoid needless travels as they can be upsetting
Property matters cause upsets, any dispute can be financially upsetting also, hence it is a weak period, have patience only that will protect you from obstacles
Try to gain knowledge for your career, that will help you in the long run, but you may still remain uneasy, that is the inherent weakness, try to change your attitude
Very auspicious period for financial gains, very lucky period, on top of it your career is stable, but you are under pressure, expenses are high and wasteful, they are unplanned also, that puts a lot of pressure on you

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