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Monday, December 3, 2007

3rd December 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Upsets in emotions, disputes and conflicts, uneasy period, overall luck as luck favors you, but relationships can cause unhappiness
Emotional involvement is strong that can lead to marriage also, but elders may oppose your views, differences have to be controlled, but you are too stiff and forceful
Family and personal conflicts bother you, not a favorable period, stress is there, your involvement towards family needs better care in the positive sense, don’t fight, try to understand the views of others also
Financial pressures bother you, weak period, family happiness is intact, but children are cause for concern, if in an emotional affair you partner is away and that bothers you
Very favorable period, investment in property can be fruitful, family happiness is ensured, career is very stable, overall very auspicious period to give you happiness and gains
Expenses travels and upsets, all are mixed up to give you uneasiness, profession is causing concern as there are hidden obstacles and upsets, but you have support form your loved ones in every way
Psychologically uneasy period, expenses and changes in life bother you, you have over self confidence which makes you very stiff, try to listen to others and appreciate other persons point of view also
Very auspicious period for professional commitment, your focus can protect you in these times, don’t take any hasty decision at this stage which you may repent later
You may look for change of job to improve your career, for that it may be a lucky period, overall stability is ensured, don’t let psychological ups and downs spoil the stability of your career
You are worried on account of obstacles, your boss or any government related problem may bother you, taking and giving loans is activated, trust others and be happy
Psychologically uneasy period, weak period, routine pressures of career, business partnerships can be strong and helpful,
Stress in business partnerships, also stress in marriage, emotional involvement is strong, even mild obstacles have to be taken seriously, business is very stable, it can’t be better

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