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Friday, December 21, 2007

21st December 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Lucky and auspicious period, especially marital happiness is looking good and gainful, this is a period giving happiness and hence you have to be thankful for the divine blessings which you have
Health is not supporting your forcefulness, due to that there are weaknesses, pressures from boss will also upset you, he is being unfair in his approach, that puts you off completely
Your emotional inclinations are very strong, but you are simultaneously assessing many options, that can cause upsets, stay devoted tone emotion, that will be better for you
Investment in property can be rewarding, travels may be upsetting, your boss is against you and that can cause upsets, take a lot of care and try to protect your self, above all keep patience
Excellent period for professional efforts, you are depending on luck also, that will also benefit you, your focus is very positive in this period, that will give you the growth and stability
Very lucky period but stressful, you are too busy and overworked, thoughts for change of place are still bothering you, but you have to maintain a lot of peace and calm
Excellent period for personal well being, your focus towards business partnerships will be also be helpful, efforts can bring enormous financial gains, after noon these benefits will come to you
Expenses may bother you, this is an auspicious period, hence whatever you do it happily, why be under stress for doing auspicious things, professional gains will accrue in a good manner
Emotional inclinations will make you happy, luck also favors you immensely especially in the afternoon, avoid minor differences of opinion, avoid ups and downs of thinking also
Hard work and positive focus will bring stability in your career, family pressures may be there, expenses may also bother you, in the afternoon don’t let differences emerge with the boss,
Very auspicious and stable period, financial gains are particularly indicated, you will get help and support form your partners or associates, students will gain from their hard work
Stressful period, mild obstacles are there, they can be sudden and unexpected also, financial pressures may also be there, they can be in the form of higher outflows, you will be able to raise the funds as per your expectations

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