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Saturday, December 1, 2007

1st December 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Involvement towards children will help in their growth they are not focused enough, even your own relationships are under stress, whether it is the relationships towards children family or emotions, you wish to conduct life like a business, remember relationships are for giving
Family and friends are supportive, but you have to give your care in return, listen more and expect less, otherwise you will get into stress without cause
Weak period, tensions and stress, your children will do well, studies are stable, trust your younger brother or sister, don’t fight, that will led to further dissatisfactions only
Financial position is becoming strong, but your needs are bigger, that puts you under stress, your thinking is to improve your savings, for that control your impulsive expenses
You are trying to bring in major changes in life, focus is towards self-improvement, against opposition and odds you wish to achieve this difficult task, you have the ability to do so, take the help of your family in this effort
Being stiff in your thinking is not right, if thinking about change or travels then you are not on the right track, understand that
This is a period to give you immense gains, not only monetary gains but also gains of knowledge, gain of happiness, gain of self confidence, but take care of your health also
Steep rise in career and your fame, this is the result of your constant hard work, even far off linkages can benefit you in this period, next 2 to 3 weeks are very favorable for that
Mixed period, psychological pressures, but financial prosperity, start thinking about growth in your career, with or without change, your own self-confidence will help you immensely in this period
Career shaping up well, but stressful period for you, everything is generally stable, but you are too uneasy and dissatisfied, someone may try to cheat you
Emotions will become deeper, relationships will become stronger, luck will support and favor you, financial gains are ensured, what else do you want from life
Health concerns because you are not taking care, you are not even taking proper treatment, health is important than any other achievement, if health does not support then everything else fades

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