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Saturday, December 29, 2007

29th December 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Weak period, don’t argue with your spouse, misunderstandings can be created as such, weigh before you speak anything, even emotional relationships need careful handling
You are trying to be good to your business partners but they see the color of money only, that can put pressure on you, you may have to change your stand about them also, generally you are able to understand others viewpoint also
Weak period on health factors, this needs care, you are having a very positive view about marriage, you are doing a lot towards that, this effort will give you happiness also
Very favourable period, financial prosperity is ensured, family happiness is intact, but you have to protect your relationships some weakness has crept in that recently, try to involve in that better
More than anything else very favourable period for professional gains, it is a period of happiness from career, you will be looked as an expert in your field to provide consultation, this is the result of your hard work and constant efforts
You re worried for financial disputes and losses, your love affair is having tensions, lack of trust or separation may be there, avoid disputes, luck will favour you if you make efforts in this regard
Good period for financial gains, you will make efforts to be nice and pleasant to others, that will prove beneficial to you, business gains are well indicated, gains from family also are there, but sudden expenses have to be controlled
Career is stable but expenses can be high, you wish to bring about changes in your career, but you don’t trust your own abilities, to some extent it is right also, you have worked hard but the results are erratic, wait for some more time
Avoid disputes, they can lead to losses for you, don't get into any differences of opinion, have lot of calm and peace of mind, luck favors you adequately, emotional ups and downs must be controlled
Very good period for your abilities to be recognized and appreciated, profession is stable and rewarding, any love affair can give you happiness, but you have to be stable and don’t be too demanding, that can cause irritation of attitude
Very auspicious period in many ways, especially in career and finances, you are trying to do so much for home family and spouse, that effort will give you lot of satisfaction, all this should not be at the cost of health, take care of health also
Somewhat stressful period, sudden obstacles may bother you, that can led to some disputes or differences of opinion also, protect yourself from that, friends and relatives have to be handed better avoid any differences with them also

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