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Thursday, December 6, 2007

6th December 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Involvement towards marriage will give you happiness, dissatisfied about financial inflows, hidden factors suggest that financial prosperity is intact, don’t be so confused, uneasiness will not help in life
Dissatisfactions connected with career can be for various reasons, you want to grow faster that is one, you are too forceful and wish to have your way that is another, that is happening with you, don’t be too stiff, be mild, moderate your thinking
Your luck is directly connected with your hard work, but you are devoting more time in your emotions and attachments, even in that you are confused and dissatisfied
Financial happiness and prosperity is ensured, hidden issues and obstacles keep on bothering you, these are issues largely made up in the mind, they are not real hence relax
Professional stability is under a question mark, because you don’t trust your partner there are inherent differences with them, that gives you this uneasiness, you have to stay focused towards performing your duties only
Financial pressures because of health issues, as such expenses high and wasteful, also unplanned, don’t ignore these issues, God is kind and you are happy with family circumstances
Happiness from everything except relationships, on that your desires are immense but your satisfaction is not there, a good and stable period is getting spoilt because of this uneasiness
Weak period, far off linkages bother you, expenses on pleasures, uneasiness in family and relationships, look at your strengths, career is stable, finances are strong, don’t be uneasy God is there to protect you in every way
Very strong period, finances strong, far off linkages are strong, but there is uneasiness connected with travels of your efforts, performance is unstable, mixed influences are there
Career very strong, it cant be better, financial position bothers you, there are financial pressures, control your tongue also, don’t be harsh, stay calm
Luck favors you in every way, very auspicious period, financial and business gains are well indicated, count on your virtues, that is the way of God to bless you
Weak period despite many strengths, you are uneasy, some hidden obstacles lead to your expenses and loss, but this is a passing phase, very soon this will be under control

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