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Monday, September 10, 2007

10th September 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Emotions under stress, in relationships you thought that everything is alright, but problems appearing now, avoid conflicts, don’t depend on hearsay, profession stable and your focus is right
Dissatisfactions in family, weakness in your own thinking, family is supportive, children are doing fine, nothing is wrong, but you are dissatisfied, there is no solution to self created anxieties
Stable and happy period, your efforts are in fright direction, but you wish to achieve more, you are worried for some documents or papers which are not in your interest, don’t enter into disputes, that can lead to tensions and outflows
Generally stable period, there is nothing to worry, control your tongue, don’t speak rough language, don’t hurt others, God is kind, don’t doubt the intensions of others, use restraint in eating
Because you are doing fine people are jealous of you, avoid differences of opinion, financial inflows are stable, there is nothing to worry, change of job can be considered for higher monetary inflows
Excellent period for profession, weakness in other areas of life, control expenses, health concerns are there, take care of your health, students need to work hard
Dissatisfactions about money, routine expenses are high and wasteful, avoid disputes connected with finances, someone may try to cheat you, protect your self form that
Everything is going fine for you, but you are dissatisfied, you have worked hard for something which is not taking off, financial inflows are strong, lot of happiness is there for you
Excellent situation for profession, you are not yet convinced that good times have come, your expenses are high, foreign connections are activated, have faith in your abilities, you can achieve
You are unhappy and worried, there is gradual improvement in your situation, still stress is continuing, luck is now favoring you, inflows from far off places can be rewarding
Dissatisfactions in marriage can cause stress, avoid any kind of lack of trust, that can cause upsets, financial position strong and happy, profession stable and rewarding
Health concerns need thorough check up there maybe pressure on your health also, you need to change your lifestyle, profession is stable, you don’t have to worry about that, overall situation is stable

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