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Friday, September 7, 2007

7th September 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Your luck is not favoring you, you get disturbed by small incidents which are not in your favor, minor differences of opinion may be there, your involvement towards your family will make you happy, postpone any change of residence
Profession stable and finances happy, but overall obstacles are there, you have the dire to make efforts, that focus will appear after noon
Happy situation, happiness from family and finances, expenses are wasteful, they have bothered you for long, you will have to take steps to control them, students efforts are erratic
Tensions or disputes in the morning will bother you, by evening all these worries will be resolved, differences in marriage need to be controlled, business continues to be profitable
By afternoon expenses will increase, that will cause obstacles, finances will however remain stable, overall divine blessings are there, don’t let expenses overtake your inflows
Excellent and stable period, finances strong, self confidence and prosperity ensured, emotional conflicts are there, lot of confusions on your mind, have lot of patience
Tensions in profession, differences of opinion are there, by evening profession becomes stable, many issues will be resolved, differences in marriage need more matured handling
Some tensions in the morning, but by evening you will be stable, unfounded fears, your profession is stable, financial gains will continue
By evening some differences of opinion will appear, health needs better care than before, your luck is favoring you, your profession is getting better and better
Some differences of opinion by the evening, you will then be able to take decisions about your marriage, family happiness is ensured
Your emotional matters are under stress, conflicts in emotional matters need to be handled better, profession and finances are stable, business partners can be a source of strength
Any change of place or travels can have inbuilt problems, that can lead to lack of satisfaction and even losses, health concerns may have a linkage to overall situation

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