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Sunday, September 2, 2007

2nd September 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal , Weekly

Your thinking is unstable towards your family, even investments decisions are shaky as you are not sure, health concerns are appearing now, you have to these precautions during this week
Slightly weak period, your own efforts are getting weak, student shave the right opportunity to gain a lot, work hard now, your achievements can be very good
Thoughts about money have mixed indications, you are spending more, you are then getting uneasy about expenses, risky ventures may put you in trouble, stay focused towards your main profession only, easy money comes easy but goes easy also
Financial inflows are erratic for you, business gains are stable, but you want that to be high, generally you are doing fine and your focus towards life is also good
You are getting uneasy and dissatisfied with profession, you are not sure about the direction which you wish to take, luck is favoring you adequately, hence there is no cause for concern
Self-confidence is emerging well, you are dissatisfied but there is no reason for that, one should not depend on luck all the time, that is not required
You wish to do s much in life, but this is an average period and hence stay calm, don’t expect miracles to happen, your abilities are good and your financial inflows are stable, don’t expect more than that
Weak period for you, don’t take any hasty decision in uneasiness, conflicts an differences are to be avoided, don’t plan any change without proper care
Emotional conflicts weigh heavy on your mind, protect yourself from that, that can cause upsets, your professional involvement will improve now, you must gain form that
Whether Studies or profession you need to improve both, don’t indulge in half hearted efforts, involve fully, that only can lead to your success
Very auspicious period, routine type of issues bothers you, you are forceful and you have ample support, then why get into dissatisfactions
There are obstacle sin your studies, that bother you, the obstacles are on account of your own unstable efforts and lack of focus, you cannot blame anyone else for that

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