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Saturday, September 8, 2007

8th September 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Excellent period for profession and finances, your abilities will be recognized, you have to improve your self confidence to achieve ore in life
Your focus is towards improving your hard work realization of this importance will prove beneficial to you in the long run, lucky period for you to gain from these influences, God is kind
Financial prosperity is ensured, but your wasteful expenses will make everything equal, if appearing in an interview you will succeed, professional focus is good and you will complete well
Excellent self confidence, but it is negative also, consider all options, dont be too stiff in your attitude, that will lead to mistakes, avoid differences of opinion with spouse
Health concerns bother you, even professional issues need careful handling, you are too forceful, in relationships such forcefulness can be hurting to others at times
Excellent period for you, finances are strong, profession cannot be better, dont borrow for business needs, all that will go waste, you dont need any borrowing at this stage, lucky financial inflows will be there,
Profession stable but you are showing erratic involvement, that needs to be improved, routine expenses are high and that may bother you, but financial strength is so good that nothing is wrong
Very auspicious period, profession stable, your own hard work will improve it, expenses are erratic and without planning, control that, overall divine blessing is with you
Mental uneasiness, some health concerns, look at the auspicious influences, focus on positive areas of your life, that will lead to happiness
Very favorable period, spouse is supportive, but some financial insecurity is there, you are yourself responsible for that, you make mistakes time and again, think before taking any decision
Health concerns are there, mentally you are tense and uneasy, you have lot of support from others, don’t indulge in loss of trust for others, that will not help, people want to help you take their support
Your expenses are high, that bothers you and makes you uneasy also, take care of health, your strength lies in your abilities and also on stability of profession, luck is supporting you adequately

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