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Saturday, September 15, 2007

15th September 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Dissatisfactions about money, your needs are more and that is why you are not satisfied, you have to improve your knowledge and skills, that will lead to your professional and financial growth
Some differences of opinion at work place are leading to problems, try to resolve these, there is no point in carrying on with conflicts, that will cause professional jealousies and upsets
Students are leaving too much to luck, you have the ability then why cant you have the right focus, if you are having over confidence then you must change that attitude, you are very devoted to family and that will bring happiness
Family issues are paramount on your mind, there are a lot of problems which need to be resolved, these look to be more of your mental conflicts, if you see all this from a different perspective then nothing may be wrong
Upset sin marriage have to be resolved, don’t create agitation of mind, that will not help, you are becoming too stiff and egoistic in your attitude, change your thinking, that only will help
Don’t enter into any financial disputes, that will lead to your own loss, health needs better care as you are ignoring that aspect, profession is very stable and that is your strength
You need to improve your knowledge whether you are studying on not, remember that knowledge is power, once you recognize that importance you will on the right path
Worries connected with far off places home and property bother you, that needs your care, profession is stable, but other things in your life need your attention
You are unhappy because you are not able to perform to your satisfaction, you are not happy about your financial inflows also, all these matters need your attention
Professional and financial dissatisfactions are there, most of it is made up in the mind, many other things are under control, luck is favoring you, still some more patience is required
Weak period, you are uneasy, differences of opinion are there, you are doing your best but you are confused, the focus is not right, you need to work hard and shed the uneasiness of mind
Psychological upsets are there, expenses are high, conflicts are there, avoid any conflict with a government related problem, your partners can be helpful

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