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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

19th September 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Weak and frustrating period, health is weak, studies are suffering, differences of opinion need to be kept under control but don’t get depressed, depression will not solve your problems, nor luck can do that
Generally stable period, your focus towards achievements will be successful, marital relations need care, stay calm, don’t have too many expectations in life, life is a mix of good and bad
You are stable and family is doing fine, but you dissatisfied and unhappy, conflicts in marriage and profession can be reason for that, your own self confidence will protect you from all this
Studies are suffering as you are ignoring its importance, you have the ability but you are keen for hard work, that is the reason for your professional weakness
Obstacles and upsets in home and family bother you, you are too focused towards money but that is a negative focus, you have to change your attitude, that only will bring improvement
You wish to achieve so much, and you are working for that, certain obstacles don’t let you progress, you are also dissatisfied with your financial inflows
Luck favors you in financial inflows, but your outflows are erratic, everything becomes equal with that, there fore luck is not supporting you, the negative forces are more, differences of opinion also bother you
Despite obstacles your financial inflows are stable, but obstacles are increasing, you have to understand this, you are yourself responsible for these mistakes, hence you have to protect your self
You are doing fine in your career, but it is a period of dissatisfactions, you want to gain from your abilities, that is why you are keen for a change also, I don’t think that is needed, have patience
Some differences of opinion with boss, overall the period is stable and lucky, profession is stable and you are able to show your abilities, then why do you worry
Professional dissatisfactions are there, because your abilities are being questioned, your boss is not supportive routine kind of obstacles bother you, don’t let these forces lead to any conflicts
Dissatisfactions home and family spouse is strong and supportive, but you are tense, some differences of opinion bother you, your desire to invest in property can be fruitful

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