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Monday, September 3, 2007

3rd September 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You are happy with the performance of your children, your own professional abilities are rewarding, very stable period for financial prosperity, avoid any kind of difference of opinion
You are keen to spend for the needs of home and family, that will give you lot of happiness, your spouse is supportive, consider her goodness and not her weakness, everyone in this world has weaknesses
You are in a mood to waste your money, if you have already decided about it then what can I say, its your wish, your focus towards your heard work is good, don’t let some employees create doubts in your mind
Excellent period for your prosperity, this will come in many forms, even properties will bring gains, your travels can also be rewarding
Self-confidence is excellent, but being rigid can lead to wrong decisions connected with your profession, your luck is favoring you and that will protect you in many ways
You may land yourself in troubles obstacles and losses, this is a weak period, but your self confidence is shaping up now, that will make you happy, no major upsets may be there, God is kind
Your profession ahs periodical ups and downs, financial inflows are stable and happy, you have to depend on your knowledge, that will prove to be beneficial, control your routine outflows
Very stable period for you, luck favors you and your profession is stable, your children are doing well, that is a great satisfaction to you, your financial inflows are going to improve now
You are passing through a lucky period, some health concerns need care, time has come to gain from your career, expect some raise or promotion, you must get the rewards of your hard work now
Emotional relationships can be distressing, differences with boss persist, slowly you are learning to handle these situations well, profession has ups and downs, it requires your focused involvement
You are involving towards your family well, some expenses towards your family are indicated, don’t be stingy on that, routine obstacle can be there
Health issues bother you, get proper investigations, profession is stable and happy, your abilities will be appreciated, you can expect rewards also

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