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Friday, September 28, 2007

28th September 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Worries for children and students, there are dissatisfactions, but if you are employed then your desire to increase your knowledge by studies can bring good results, family and marital happiness is ensured, for financial prosperity you must improve your knowledge
Generally stable period, your mental dissatisfaction spoils that stability, you wish to perform well, but your mental attitude does not let that happen, you have to sasses as to what is right for you
Strength lies in fresh gains, expenses towards pleasures need to be controlled, ideally involve in relationships, take care while driving or in travel
You are not satisfied with your profession, this is a weak period, you have to keep your cool, also keep lot of patience, control your anger, that is not good for you, remember is like a temporary madness
Good period for financial inflows, but bad for differences of opinion, good period for gains from friends but bad for any change in profession, these are the ups and downs which we all face
You think that you will be cheated and that will lead to loss, all this is made up in your mind, some hidden obstacle sin your career also bother you, students need to work hard
Very auspicious period, your focus is good and you can benefit from all areas of life, when your finances are strong some expenses are bound to go up, that is all right otherwise what will you do with your money
Worries and tensions connected with work, some hidden factors bother you, your routine expenses are increasing, these need to be controlled as that will become a habit later, far off linkages can prove to be very lucky for you
You are confused and worried about your emotions and relationships, don’t be uneasy, have faith in God, one by one all these issues will be resolved, your career is looking up now, other things will follow
Worries connected with self home and family, luck is supporting you at every step, don’t take any hasty decisions about your career, you are likely to enter into a weak period, financial problems will continue
Marital problems are bothering you, dispute your efforts these problems remain, nothing much can be done, mental uneasiness needs to be corrected, even faith in God is getting lost
Profession or business is stable, that will give you happiness, problems connected with health need care, take proper treatment, don’t ignore that

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