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Friday, September 21, 2007

21st September 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Favorable period, family happiness ensured, get maximum out of family linkages with your involvement, your family needs your support, don’t depend on luck, if your elders are not supporting you then try to understand their view point
You may be dissatisfied but your focus and involvement will help you to overcome that, your hard work can strengthen your career, you knowledge and abilities will lead to excellent financial inflows for you
Your focus is towards earning money, you will have various sources of inflows which will make you happy, that will lead to your self-confidence
You may be uneasy, but there is no reason for that, generally your life is going through a stable and happy period, don’t spoil that with any uneasiness of mind, your financial inflows are strong, but conversion of these into savings is not possible as much as you wish
Changes of all kinds on your mind, change in profession residence emotions, children and loved ones, life is always changing for all of us, we want everything to remain the same, that is not how God has created this life
Luck is supporting you, excellent financial inflows, your forcefulness will help you to gain further, some sudden obstacles may be there in profession, cont be upset with that
Your efforts and hard work improves your commitment towards work, that is the strength, profession growth indicated because of that, professional growth is not always linked with financial gains, remember that
Very auspicious period to achieve the desires for any kind of change, very lucky period, your sweet speech will further help you in your efforts, have restraint in your eating and drinking habits
Psychologically weak period, you may have financial pressures, protect your self from ups and downs of thinking, that will lead to your mental dissatisfactions, have patience for 2 to 3 months
Don’t try to have any hidden relationships, you may convert this into something lasting but that will not give you happiness, if your elders are not supportive then don’t push your ideas, that may not be good for you
Financial pressures are building up, avoid conflicts or disputes, keep your poise, stay focused towards your work, postpone other areas of life
Emotional relationships weigh heavy on your mind, but there are a lot of obstacles which need to be resolved, profession is stable, students must understand that, practical viewpoint will be helpful, daydreaming may be avoided

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