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Thursday, September 27, 2007

27th September 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Disputes and losses are indicated, stress in marriage needs to be controlled, you are very focused and still these issues keep on bothering you, this is unfortunate, avoid differences with boss also
Financial matters need proper planning, don’t enter into any kind of dispute, it may lead to losses only, students need better motivation, it is self motivation then nothing can be better
Excellent period for you, your focus towards family and children can give you lot of happiness, your emotional affairs are also strong, but you have to take care of your health
Travels and changes are indicated, generally auspicious period, still any change must be looked into very carefully, students are not doing well, that must be understood, you must gain from this realization
Financial stability is ensured, but you are very worried, they are more of mental worries rather than real ones, this is an average period and you have to be careful
Gains from profession are well indicated, your friends are very strong and supportive, but you have to protect your self form excessive expenses towards them, overall well being is ensured
Generally favourable period in profession, finances are however weak, health is weak also, you are worried and uneasy, even with small issues you end to get perturbed
Very weak period, differences of opinion and expenses are there, all these bother you, concerns about children are also there, protect your self from tensions
Entire focus is on profession and gains, you will do well and there is nothing to worry, thoughts about far off places are on your mind, overall a stable and happy period, there is nothing much to worry
Highly favourable period, control routine differences of opinion at your work place, gain from associates and partners, they may not always remain supportive
Despite obstacles your focus towards studies increasing now, there are good indications and there are bad indications, it is a mixed period, routine matters need to be handled well and carefully
Concerns about home and family bother you, these are no in the form of conflicts, but these are routine matters of dissatisfactions, even stress in marriage needs to be protected with careful handling

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