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Thursday, September 13, 2007

13th September 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Family issues bother you, they may be small issues but the undercurrent is tense, children are doing fine, you need to have lot of peace and patience, don’t be crafty, that will not help
Your efforts towards gain of knowledge will bring excellent rewards, your friendship can convert into emotional affair, generally favorable period, and there is nothing to worry
You are thinking about money, some investment opportunity may also be there, all this will give you happiness, your well being and prosperity is ensured
Your travels can bring good gains, overall stable period, your friend and well-wishers can give you support and happiness, some opposition can be ignored
Financial prosperity is ensured, because of that you wish to spend more and without thinking, your own self confidence can be hurting to others, don’t be too forceful
Financial prosperity is excellent, your involvement towards work can further improve the financial inflows, God is kind and divine blessings are with you
You desire to bring about changes in life, these thoughts are getting firm, whether it is thought for career change or any other change, do proper planning, your involvement in work is good, that can keep many things under control
Your luck favors you, that does not mean that any change will also be lucky, your professional stability is important to you, you must maintain that, avoid differences of opinion
Your career is stable, but you are dissatisfied, more than dissatisfaction it is factor of uneasiness, there are no real reasons for that, don’t create any dispute connected with finances
Very lucky period, support and luck – all favor you, still watch your step, each decision need to be taken with care, that is the indication of the planets
Weak period, obstacle sand differences of opinion, you are under stress for that, your profession is however stable, and your boss is also supportive
Your emotions are strong, you wish to convert that into marriage, the circumstances are favorable for that, initial obstacles have to be ignored your emotional success is ensured

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