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Thursday, September 6, 2007

6th September 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Some financial conflicts or pressures are there, but gains from profession are stable, you are uneasy because you expect better rewards, that is just a mindset, I feel you are doing fine, your focus should be stable, she confusions of mind
Your profession is stable and rewarding, financial inflows are also adequate, you wish well for your children, you want to do well, they will come up to your expectations, that is the strength of your chart
You are now doing very well, you have the ability, you can do better with the support of family and well wishers, don’t enter into differences or arguments as that can lead to confusions of mind
Weak period, expenses losses and obstacles, your own erratic attitude leads to problems, you must think before you decide, patience is the key word to pass through weak times
Very strong period for financial inflows, but you are not satisfied, good times have limitations, accept the reality, that will give you satisfaction also
Professional strength is remarkable, you can gain from this, but there are inherent factors of differences of opinion, this may be because of factual knowledge to you
Weak period, financial outflows and losses are indicated, there is lack of knowledge and performance, that needs to be improved, professional involvement is also full of ups and downs
Confusions of mind make you over sensitive, protect your self from these forces, your dissatisfactions towards family can lead to upsets
Generally stable period, you have excellent abilities, your performance is confused and erratic, health needs better care
Money matters have concerns, funds may have to be borrowed, for that you are having obstacles for borrowing, financial pressures are likely to continue, patience is needed to control that
Your emotional matters are under stress, conflicts in emotional matters need to be handled better, profession and finances are stable, business partners can be a source of strength
Any change of place or travels can have inbuilt problems, that can lead to lack of satisfaction and even losses, health concerns may have a linkage to overall situation

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