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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

11th September 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Strength in your abilities and for gain of knowledge, that will lead to gain of wealth also, relationships and emotions are strong, overall strong period, dont change any situation, stability is important
Focus towards self can bring happiness, expenses on self can be wasteful, your hard working is rewarding, excellent period for professional growth, students are doing well in studies
Happiness for you, financial pressures still continue, differences of opinion in profession, that needs care, generally stable and happy period, your sweet tongue can win you many friends
Very favorable period for financial inflows, family happiness is excellent, your communication skills are good, you can convey well, that will give you growth and happiness
Consider changes in your overall circumstances, whether in profession or anything else, changes are indicated in life, financial prosperity is strong, possible change can bring improved financial inflows
Protect your self from losses, strong period does not mean that you can take chances in life, dont take risks, professional stability is God’s grace
This period makes you very focused, involvement in work is good, don’t risk your money in speculative ventures, routine expenses are also high, travels can give you rewards
You are thinking of changes in life, they can prove to be auspicious, professional strength can be very rewarding, even risky ventures can lead to gains
Avoid disputes and obstacles, dont risk your money, have lots of patience, in monetary decisions, weak period for emotional conflicts, protect your self from that
Profession stable and happy, but you are worried and dissatisfied, uneasiness needs to be controlled, otherwise there is nothing to worry, stay connected with family
Financial disputes need to be controlled, emotional conflicts and relationships are also there, this makes it an average period, don’t expect miracles, you cant control your expenses
Weak period for you, obstacle and tensions may be there, smooth flow of things is missing, relationships and friendships are under stress

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