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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

25th September 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Some dissatisfactions about finances and also about career, you wish to achieve so much in life but your mind set of dissatisfactions does not let that happen, you have to improve your knowledge and skills, you depend on friends but get unhappy with them
Jealousies and oppositions in your career, you have to ignore that, your career is strong and you are doing well, you are getting angry needlessly, that is not required, stay calm
You are getting seriously involved in emotional relationships, you think that luck is not favoring you, half hearted efforts will not lead to success in life, you have to show better involvement
Weak period for you, largely you are yourself responsible for all these reasons of weaknesses, uneasiness of mind depression financial distress desire for change of job, all these will not help unless you change your attitude
Your spouse is supportive but you are indifferent, conflicts and differences of opinion will emerge unless you take care, you are becoming too self-centered in this period, don’t take any hasty decisions connected with your job
Health concerns are upsetting, you are not getting proper investigations done, this can lead to setback, obstacles are also appearing in your job, the strength lies in gains from business and financial stability
Your commitment towards work is good, but you mental make up is not favoring growth, you need to improve your abilities, there is weakness in that, you have to accept this fact, luck is still favoring you in abundance
Family related confusions and dissatisfactions bother you, you are worried for your expenses also, there may be outflows connected with property or investments, today tensions may be there but it will give you happiness in the long run
Profession is stable and happy, your dissatisfactions are based on personal reasons, have some more patience, in two months some past connections will reappear to give you developments for marriage
Financial dissatisfactions and distress may bother you, family matters are also stressful, but your profession is now stable, that is a very good indications, finances need very careful handling
You have to count your strengths and virtues in the form of blessings of God, your financial stability professional excellence children are doing well, then why are you so tense and dissatisfied
Expenses and losses may lead to disputes for you, students not working enough for studies, it is a weak period for you, luck is never enough to give you everything in life, your own efforts are also important

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