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Monday, September 24, 2007

24th September 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Despite confusions of mind you want to improve your situation in life, for that you are very motivated, but you have to improve your skills and knowledge for that
You are doing well in our career, but you are dissatisfied, actually there is nothing to worry, there is some pressure on your savings, that is causing the mental stress
Some obstacles is part of life, even in best of situations some hidden factors are always there, your financial inflow is strong, your abilities are good, these are your strengths
Worries connected with profession and also for children, lot of patience is required, don’t take any decision in haste, be calm, have faith in God and do the right
You have all kinds of support but you desires are bigger, to achieve big you have to perform also, your efforts are not upto the mark, this is your real weakness
Period of tensions, lot of obstacles, even in career, that worries you, differences of opinion depress you, avoid conflicts, all these may not be to your advantage
Your desire is to earn a lot of money, but you think that you are not capable of that, you are not thinking right, you are only confused, you have lot of abilities
Obstacles connected with health bother you, some family related issues also disturb you, it is therefore a weak period requiring a lot of care and patience
There are problems and confusions connected with your emotions, your decisions about marriage are also being postponed, you are concerned about these delays
Conflicts and disputes need to be controlled, these may be connected with home family or children all these need careful handling, don’t let any uneasiness of mind spoil your decisions
Generally favorable period, dissatisfactions are there but your focus is right, you work hard and wish to achieve much more in life,
Generally auspicious period, keep a lot of patience, don’t be uneasy, family issues bother you, but you can handle these issues with your experience and abilities

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