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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

5th September 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You are thinking about yourself and that is a good thing, you have done so much for others, at times you have to watch your own interest also, taking care of your own well being and health is also important
Differences with wife can be resolved, even business partners can be supportive, some minor issues may still persist, but you have to show pragmatism
Health concerns are there, you have this period of weakness, financial pressures are likely to persist and you need a lot of care, your family involvement can bring lot of happiness
Excellent period for profession and well being, too much of success make a person rigid and stubborn, avoid that just because you are successful, you cant be right all the time, don’t be too sensitive
Very auspicious period, avoid ups and downs of thinking, in business stay focused, that will protect you from incurring losses, avoid minor differences of opinion with employees
Profession is stable, self confidence is high, but obstacles are still there, they cause upsets in health relationships and confusions, it is therefore a mixed period
Differences of opinion in marriage needs to be avoided, focus towards profession is increasing, this is a gradual improvement and will bring excellent results, routine expenses are high
Weak period, you are psychologically uneasy, profession stable, that is your strength, don’t have doubts in your mind, financial inflows are excellent
Health concerns are there, emotionally tense period, avoid conflicts, some financial pressures may also be there, improve your efforts, that will improve your luck and auspiciousness
Family pressures are there, some conflicts need to be avoided, avoid differences with boss, financial pressures are there, ups and downs in profession needs to be controlled
Very stable period for professional gains, your abilities will improve with your efforts, improve your skills and knowledge, that will make you very happy
Generally good period, your emotional involvements are under pressure, decisions for marriage need to be taken, that will lead to happiness for you

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