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Sunday, September 23, 2007

23rd September 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Family business is your strength, stay connected with family for excellence in profession or business, don’t let differences of opinion come into your marriage
Very auspicious period, the strength of your success is linked to your own focus, financial disputes must be avoided, students are becoming weak as their focus is getting lost
You are dissatisfied about your monetary situation, your expenses are towards your pleasures, that needs to be controlled if you wish to mentally remain without tensions
You need to have better focus in your family and towards your spouse, don’t have any kind of doubts about them, that will lead to differences of opinion, travels are also indicated
Health concerns and professional stress, both these things bother you, it is a weak period, if any health concerns are there the get proper investigations done, don’t ignore that
Luck and your abilities both support you, all that leads to excellent financial gains, even in weak performance your overall situation is happy, God is kind for you
Involvement in work and mental attitude towards improving work – all that is well placed, luck favors you, but you have to control your routine expenses, they can cause upsets
Very stable period, but expenses and outflows bother you, at the end only one ting is important – your knowledge and hard work, these are the key words for your success
Mental uneasiness must be kept under control, otherwise differences of opinion will continue, profession and financial gains are the areas of strength, focus on these only, forget other things for the time being
Your support is increasing now, but you have to control family and financial issues, otherwise you may be under stress, professional matters are becoming stable, that will give you happiness
Health concerns are bothering you, some conflicts or mental attitude may lead to your loss, all these things need a little care, family conflicts also need to be controlled
You must gain from your hard work in your studies, your gain of knowledge is well placed, you will benefit from these forces, this focus must be maintained

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