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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

4th September 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You think that your spouse is indifferent towards you, that thought troubles you, you become all the more caring towards your spouse, that will help to make the situation better
If your ups and downs are because of your health then take care, some mild obstacles are there, but your overall stability is so good that nothing can harm that
If your loved one is away then you are worried, money may be needed for that purpose or also for travel, there is nothing drastically wrong, soon this situation will improve
Family is supportive, finances are stable, God is kind, all kinds of prosperity is there for you, minor health concerns need care, don’t neglect your health
Protect your self from losses in business, don’t bring in any changes, even change in job needs to be reconsidered, stability is important, generally you are stable, this period is important in maintain that stability
You can now move ahead to improve your career, your thinking is positive, your financial position is stable, business is growing, that will give you happiness
Profession is under a cloud, many issues are bothering you, don’t bring in any चंगेस in business or career, your luck is not favoring you, stay calm
Very lucky period, auspicious period for financial prosperity, uneasiness in home and family continues, business partners may not support you, all this needs care
Tense period for you because you are thinking too much, health concerns, conflicts or differences of opinion, all these bother you, your strength is your profession, gain from that
Emotional involvement is strong, will give you happiness, family may be supportive, you don’t have to be critical, take life as it comes, be happy
Family disputes need to be controlled, don’t be too sensitive, that will not help, your studies and knowledge is suffering, shed uneasiness of mind
You can gain from your hard work, students have erratic efforts, health concerns also there, still God is kind, and everything seems to be stable

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