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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

18th September 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Morning may be stable but some tensions will appear by evening, in emotional affairs differences of opinion will appear, your boss may also not favor you because your efforts are not adequate
By afternoon some obstacles will appear, these may have some financial reasons also, you are not satisfied with your performance, you know that you can do better in life
Excellent period fro family happiness, but differences in marriage must be controlled, financial inflows are becoming strong, the factors giving happiness are more, but health still needs care
Travels or change is indicated, this may be for profession or otherwise, students are not working hard, that is a concern, time is precious and it is itching away
Monetary inflows are strong, but health is a concern, some family issues also bother you, that keep you tense and depressed
Morning may be uneasy and tense but by evening lot of stability and prosperity may be there, your self-confidence is your strength, obstacles are appearing in career, you will have to control them also
Weak period has started for you, business losses may be there, obstacles in profession are also there, family support is excellent, some lucky financial gains may be there for you
Excellent period for financial gains for you, protect your self from self created mistakes, don’t be too forceful, humility is the key word for you, that can protect you
Emotional distress has finished for you now, the path for smooth flow has started, your profession is strong and will give you financial gains also, don’t enter into any difference of opinion at your work place
financial pressures bother you, but by evening many issues will be resolved, family disputes may be there which may put pressures on your finances,
Weak period for you, boss is not supportive, tensions are work place, your abilities are seen with suspicious, you have self-doubts also because of all that
This period is connected with conflicts, by evening peace will prevail, a lot of support will emerge for you, people who were opposing you will start supporting you, students are no satisfied with their hard work

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