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Saturday, September 29, 2007

29th September 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You can buy vehicle, don’t delay it now, happiness in married life, but differences with business partners will be resolved soon
Travels are indicated, if you are away from home then these travels can bring you back home safely, overall a happy and stable period for you
Financial gains indicated, even from situations which were causing distress, good period for involvement with children, family happiness is ensured, God is kind
Gain of wealth from property, even some desire for change of place, is change is essential for the sake of children then consider it, friends are very supportive, spiritual inclination is increasing
Professional travels of change of job can be on your mind, generally favorable period for financial inflows, your expenses are for pleasures, professional stress will reduce very soon
Generally favorable period, but you are not satisfied, it is more of mental stress, in the coming days you have to control your wasteful expenses, these are not required
Commitment towards work is excellent, now you wish to get the rewards of your hard work, financial inflows will improve, your routine issues expenses tensions need to be controlled
Stressful period for you, psychological uneasiness, any thought for change has to be considered carefully, consider all options, don’t make any mistakes, as such it is a stressful period
Avoid any kind of difference of opinion, but this uneasiness will be resolved soon, you will be out of present state of conflicts, have lot of patience, overall improvement will come only by December
Generally stable and favorable period, gradually professional stress is increasing, you will have to take extra care in the coming days, you are passing through a weak period
Family tensions are likely to be resolved soon, keep lot of patience, involvement towards work and family is good, stress is still continuing, investment in business can prove to be profitable
Stressful period, this stress is likely to increase in the days to come, saving grace is that luck favor s you adequately, get divine blessing through spiritual inclinations

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