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Sunday, September 30, 2007

30th September 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal, Weekly

You have lot of pressures on you, that pressure is showing on your health also, very strong period for financial stability, emotional relationships are strong, but marital relationship has stress
Students are trying to devote a lot of time towards studies, but you are not able to achieve, diversions of mind and differences of opinion spoil that effort
Family is the source of happiness, children are doing fine but certain obstacles are there, your focus needs to be improved, don’t be too harsh in your attitude, that can lead to conflicts
Excellent financial situation for you, investment in property is possible, simultaneous sale and purchase of property is possible, change of place or transfer in profession is likely
Gains from business or profession, commitment towards work is good, your involvement can be rewarding, differences in marriage need to be controlled
Obstacles in your career, if in business then your profits are stable, financial position is under pressure, in health concerns the diagnosis is not proper, take another opinion
Weak period, psychologically upsetting and tense, losses are indicated, control differences with boss, routine expenses need to be controlled
Gains from profession are indicated, you are being too stiff in your attitude, be mild and more humble, routine expenses are high
Dissatisfactions connected with job, luck is generally favoring you, but situation is mentally dissatisfying, don’t panic there is no real worry, have patience
Generally favorable period, some tensions are there but hey can be resolved, professional situation is lucky and stable, family misunderstandings need to be controlled
Family elated tensions are there, avoid conflicts, profession is stable, you need to improve your knowledge, that will help in your professional growth
Marital relations need extra care, your involvement towards family is indicated, that will help in controlling the pressures of life, you need to work hard in this period

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