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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

12th September 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Health concerns are there, you think you are fine but lot of stress is building up, you need to relax, profession stable, you can consider investment in property
Relationships are strong, they can give you happiness, you have to depend on family for support, all these circumstances are well placed, your hard work can improve your professional rewards also
Your desire to invest in property can bring positive results, obstacles in life need to be handled better, your involvement and hard work will make you happy
You have realized that hard work can give good financial gains, you will be able to achieve that, finances are strong for you and business profits are also stable, don’t let risky investments spoil your financial stability
Your self-confidence is excellent, avoid conflicts and differences of opinion, finances stable and happy, your own well-being is most important aspect, God is kind for that
Weak period, losses can be there, health is also weak, avoid differences, overall lot of care is needed, have patience and have faith in God
Your finances are generally stable, but you are dissatisfied, your routine expenses are high, that is the reason for this uneasiness
Speculative gains are indicated, but don’t take undue risk, generally stable and lucky period, expenses are high, your hard work can make your career stronger
Very auspicious period, avoid mild differences of opinion, your own attitudes are strong, that can lead to mistakes, if you are stiff then it can hurt others also, remember that
You are concerned about differences with boss, that can cause upsets, but luck will protect you, you have to avoid conflicts in life, that only can give stability
Psychological upsets with spouse and partners, you have doubts about them, have patience, don’t believe in hearsay, find about facts your self and then make any opinion
Apparently everything is fine, but there are inherent disputes, avoid them, even boss can be against you, that can cause upsets, lot of care and patience is needed

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