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Friday, September 14, 2007

14th September 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You wish to cause dispute for getting funds, even recovery of stuck funds need greater effort, health needs care, mixed period, don’t panic stay calm
Spouse is supportive but expenses are high, your relationships are strong, elders may not approve of them but that will not deter your plans
Family or marital issues need careful handling, you are focused and determined, have liberal attitude, don’t be rigid especially in financial disputes, you must be more understanding for others
Excellent period for professional efforts, it is a situation which cant be better, your own commitment and focus is the key word for your success, all this will lead to happiness and rewards, your focus is strong
Very stable and auspicious period, finances are particularly strong, very lucky developments connected with your career, you wish to be close to your family, but opportunities are taking you away
Many obstacles for you, you want to earn and be rich, but obstacles are there in this path, in this situation your positive self-confidence can give rewards for you
Your impulsive decisions cause upsets, the weakness reflects more in your financial prospects, generally you are running a stable period, but this brief period is full of obstacles, have patience
You focus on your personal well being, this is not being selfish, this is for devoting time for yourself, let others say whatever they wish to, you have to live your own life also
Far off linkages can become strong, this can have a direct linkage to your profession, this can be very rewarding, your own professional growth can be dependent on you
Very stable period, your luck favor you, your thinking is right and you are on the right path, slowly you will come out of the tensions also
Profession stable but you are stressed on account of minor issues, they keep on bothering you, you have to change your attitude, gain happiness from your strengths
Luck favors you because you know the importance of hard work, that is the reason for you growth also, don’t enter into arguments with boss, it can harm you only

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