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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Thursday 1st January 2009, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Your financial position remain strong but you are uneasy about your career, these can be routine matters of stress and differences which are there on day to day basis.
Day special – there is generally no need for you to worry, as such your involvement to progress in life is good and that will give you the rewards.
Vrish – You wish to achieve so much more in life but somehow the circumstances are not giving favorable results, for that reason you tend to feel uneasy and that reduces your performance also.
Do –Your commitment towards work is commendable, that is your strength and that is where you have to focus.
Don’t – don’t look at options and alternatives at this stage, they will not give you the desired results as there are many obstacles in that path.
Mithun – Even your positive efforts may be viewed negatively, for that reason your image may be at risk,
Day special – You have to protect yourself from these hidden forces, don’t do any thing which may reflect negatively about your integrity.
Karka – You have tried to help and support others adequately, but now you are getting distanced from that because you have not got the matching rewards.
Do – getting away and having negative thinking will prove to be disadvantages in future also, you must understand this fact and only than form your opinion
Don’t – don’t doubt the intentions of others because they have not supported you enough, for that reason don’t feel distressed psychologically.
Simha – Health is a concern and that is a factor which may create pressures for you, but your involvement towards your work can actually benefit you at this stage.
Day special – by total involvement towards your work you will forget some of your factors of uneasiness at this stage, as such those factors need to be forgotten for the time being, have patience and think of something else and other than the problems.
Kanya – Love relationship is not the right focus at this stage, you may blame your luck also that things are not your working out the way you expect.
Do – if you are thinking of changes connected with your career than you have to think about the totality of the picture, your knowledge may not be adequate to handle those responsibilities.
Don’t – don’t let your monetary issues get into risk or conflicts, this is a period to avoid any financial decisions for the time being, hence don’t create troubles for yourself without proper planning.
Tula –There are pressures and factors of stress in your professional life, but your own knowledge and commitment can actually protect you from all those pressures, that is your strength and that is where you have to devote your energy.
Day special-but the internal forces and internal politics of your work place can make you uneasy for that reason you may feel dejected but don’t let any negativity overpower your mind
Vrishchik – you are a bit confused and uneasy on account of matter connected with home, family & marriage, but many situations are actually under control and luck is favoring you immensely.
Do –On one hand your financial situation is under stress but on the other hand your relationships are not supportive, you may get away from all that for a while
Don’t –your own well wishers may change their earlier views about you, that can be a depressing situation which may not make you very happy, hence don’t depend on others as you may not get constant support.
Dhanu – you may be a little uneasy on account of what you speak, for that reason you have to keep lot of patience and not say something out of impulse.
Day special –More importantly don’t be sarcastic in your attitude as that can be most unfortunate, it can lead to a scar or separation in relationships which need to be protected.
Makar – despite all kind of auspiciousness this still remain a weak period, but you have to look at the positive angle and that is where you have to devote your time
Do – best indication is for some love relationship to prosper as that is giving you happiness, you may be a little stressed but that is human nature.
Don’t – in this focus and direction don’t forget your responsibilities towards others, but more importantly don’t let your money get into any kind of problem or risk
Kumbh – Financial situation has to be protected by very focused planning as that is important. The support which you may get form others may be erratic and that disturbs you
Day special- God is kind in many ways and that is blessing, but health is a concern which can be handled with some patience and careful planning.
Meena – Financial issues can become paramount and can cause obstacles, taking and giving of loans is something which needs to be planned better at this stage.
Do –repayment of old liabilities can remove uneasiness of your mind that is something which you should consider at this stage
Don’t –at the same time some new funding may be required for your business needs but your are not convinced with the idea at this stage, don’t move on a path on which you are not convinced yourself.

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