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Monday, December 1, 2008

Tuesday 2nd December 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Your studies are suffering and because of that you are worried, as such there are stress and weaknesses in your own abilities which may reflect poorly in your professional career
Do – there is definite need to improve that, false self-confidence will not help, that will lead to more differences
Don’t – don’t let your efforts or your focus get spoilt, there are too many confusions and factor of stress on you, don’t let that overpower you
Your family will support you in whatever you wish, but you are dissatisfied because your expectations are much more than that, but astrologically I don’t find any weakness
Day special – from your own side you have to shed your fears and anxieties, there is no need for that and whatever you are thinking negatively may not be right
This is weak period as some difference and conflicts may be there, they can be connected with finances, as also with your own performance
Do – getting dissatisfied will not solve the problems, you will have to address those issues and solve all those factors, if there is deficiency in your own performance then you have to remove that also
Don’t – don’t let your own negative thinking spoil your focus you are partly yourself responsible for these issues, as you are thinking to rigidly,
If you speak pleasantly to others then you can win many friends and influence people, but that is not precisely what you are doing, you are being too harsh in your attitude
Day special – still the circumstances are favoring you for relationships to prosper, but differences in home and family need to be protected as there is a definite need for that
Your own focus towards life is excellent but some times ups and downs of thinking overpower you and you start thinking negatively, that is precisely what is happening at this moment
Do – if it has anything to do with your health then take precautions, that is the need and requirement at this stage, family happiness sis ensured,
Don’t – on account of any stress s don’t think in terms of extremes, that will further complicate the matter,
Your stress is connected with your own performance, your own performance is not negative but your thinking is, that is where the problem is
Day special – relationships may not be as stable as you want, that is one factor of dissatisfaction which can make you upset, family is supportive in any way and that is your strength
Your financial position is secure and that is a big thing, all other things will take care themselves, factors of changes routine pressures and career bother you,
Do – look at your strengths at this stage, you can perform well and that is a blessing, based on that strength you should target your moves in life,
Don’t – don’t expect impractical gains or rewards from home family or property, that may not come but whatever s coming is also sufficient
Your commitment towards career is remarkable, but you are not satisfied because you have the capability to do much more, that is why you feel dissatisfied at times
Day special – to retain your focus even in these moments of ups and downs is required, as such many things are under control and you have everything to gain, if you are not a mood at this moment then relax for a while
You have many thoughts connected with far off linkages, but God is kind and you should not worry too much,
Do – be pleasant to others in what ever you speak, that is going to be very essential as that can make your destiny
Don’t – don’t be so worried for your career, now some positive developments are taking place which will help you in due course
You cannot put you money into risk, money may be sufficient but risking it unnecessarily is not advisable
Day special – any wrong step can lead to pressure son you, hence you have to plan and then only take those steps logically unplanned moves can prove to be dangerous at this stage
You will get excellent support from your associates partners or even spouse, that will lead to improvement in your career also
Do – but your thoughts are connected with changes alternative or future plans, that makes you worried but that is not required
Don’t – don’t ignore the factors of your health as that is an issue which requires care at this stage,
There may be differences with spouse, but the is cushion of auspiciousness which protects you immensely, that is your strength and that is what you should look forward to
Day special – if you base your thinking on financial matters only then you may be under financial pressures, that can lead to losses as well as differences connected with finances or losses, that must be avoided

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