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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thursday 11th December 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh –you are not happy with the relationship with your boss, but you are yourself responsible for many of the issues, your expectations of gains may not be fully met.
Day special – this is a stressful period which requires some moderation of your mind, don't be too enthusiastic or optimistic unnecessarily,
Vrish – your happiness lies in your involvement with home family and marriage, even your friends are very supportive and overall picture is very bright
Do – your positive attitude will help you gain many friends, even your boss will be supportive to you and that is a blessing
Don’t –in all this goodness don’t let your efforts reduce because of diversions of mind, as such it is a lucky period, don't let it get reduced in any ways.
Mithun – there r various reasons for your pressures, high expenses or losses can bother you, monetary expenses can lead to differences of opinion, even boss may not be as supportive
Day special – this is a period to take extra care to avoid all these issues; you have to protect your job also because of these very reasons.
Karka -very auspicious period for financial well being, your own focus is remarkable and that will push your abilities further,
Do – you are very keen to involve in some love relation, the circumstances are favorable and you will find happiness in that
Don’t – don’t try to please others with the strength of your money, that can be beneficial for a while but may not give you lasting benefit
Simha – professional and personnel issues are very well placed, even some thoughts about changes can be very forceful on your mind
Day special – if you are thinking about change of job or change of place then you must understand the importance of stability in your life, there is some advantage for you if you stay where you are staying, for that reason professional issues need to be decided with this background
Kanya – some travels or far off linkages are on your mind, obstacles can be controlled with your own positive focus and hard work
Do –auspicious period for financial prosperity, on top of it your hard work is further improving this situation, you are on the right track of your efforts
Don’t – professional situation is stressful, directly there is nothing but indirectly many pressure or obstacles can be there, don’t let that situation harm you in any way
Tula - you are doing well in your career but stressed due to overwork, the goodness is that you are getting favorable financial influence from your profession.
Day special – in all this goodness your own efforts have to be improved, because of the stress of overwork you may be creating pressure for yourself, which needs to be controlled
Vrishchik - excellent self confidence and commitment towards work, this kind of focus can take very far and improve your image in the eyes of others
Do – but you must devote more time and quality time with your spouse, as such your self confidence is high and you can achieve what you determine
Don’t – don’t be too rigid in your attitude as that can cause lots of routine pressures, don’t ignore to support your boss at every step as that is important.
Dhanu - psychologically stressful period continues, the stress is indirectly on account of your work but that is going to take time to resolve
Day special – under any situation you should not lose your goodness, for that reason don’t ever be harsh to anyone as you may do that as an overreaction to what others say
Makar – Some love relation can be very strong but it has lots of inherent obstacles and pressures which may not make you happy
Do – Students are also not realizing that time is being wasted and it will not come back, you have to plan your day to get the best results out of it,
Don’t – don’t indulge in self created mistake and don’t depend on luck, both ways your strong financial position can be put into risk.
Kumbh – you will get excellent from others in your day to day affairs, especially in your professional matters your supporters or partners will be very helpful.
Day special – your knowledge and skills can be an indirect factor which can put pressure in your career, that can lead to differences of opinions which are not really required, don't let that happen
Meena – if you work hard you can enormously benefit in some written examination, your hard work and essence to compete can eventually open the gates of luck for you in a big way
Do – your focus is right your path is right, continue to work hard and you will achieve everything
Don’t – don’t get into unnecessary difference especially on account of financial matters. That protection has to be improved with your positive outlook.

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