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Monday, December 15, 2008

Tuesday 16th December 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh- your efforts towards your performance have to be improved, whether it is for your studies or for your carrier an improvement is needed,

Do- in this entire effort depending on luck to support you is not recommended, constant focus has to be maintain at this stage to achieve your goals.

Don’t- don’t get into routine pressures or differences while trying to improve your performance, even in relationships don’t get into differences to upset you.

Vrish- by stiff attitude you may be taking decisions which may put your money into risk, there can be stress in family relationships also,

Day special- all this needs to be improved but the first and foremost is to be make up your mind, having stiff attitude and false self confidence is not required.

Mithun- your involvement towards home & family including marriage is praiseworthy, that can remove certain stress and uneasiness which is appearing now.

Do- despite everything being stable you are stressed about money that can lead to differences also which has to be avoided.

Don’t- don’t get into issues or conflicts connected with money, that can put stress within your family also, that has to be protected.

Karka- you are not happy with the thoughts of changes or movement which is emerging, that can leads to differences with boss also.

Day special- This is a period to stay calm and not get into conflicts, wait for a while and let your abilities be recognized better and that will prove to be advantages.

Simha- stable period for fianancial prosperity and that makes you happy, but spending money to influence others will not help.

Do- if you wish to be prosperous in life you have to work hard towards it, for that you have to prepare well and study well, especially for student this is required.

Don’t- don’t be impulsive in your expenses and in your decisions that is a kind of rigidness which has to be removed.

Kanya- professional stability is intact, but you are now thinking more & more for changes which you wish to achieve.

Day special- One of the reasons for these thought changes monetary situation you wish to earn for that more you wish to look out for changes, but you are confused at this stage.

Tula- Your own efforts and hard work will make your destiny that can actually bring enormous financial gain for you at this stage.

Do- There can be increasing demand from your family demands which may reduce your own efforts for you, you have to find time and balance between two

Don’t- don’t think of unnecessary changes in your life changes stability is more important and that can give you happiness.

Vrishchik- You are generally happy with the situation, but stress at your work place can increase on account of what you speak.

Day Special- in your own forcefulness you have to be mild to others, the stress at work is largely a situation of overwork for you which you can not handle, but financially it is a rewarding situation.

Dhanu- Circumstances are for your financial carrier finally shaping up now,you’re your psychological worries are based on the fact you are thinking too much relax for a while you will be normal.

Do- your abilities have to put to proper use at this stage,

Don’t- don’t be confuse or dissatisfied or uneasy, especially on account of home and family you have to keep your patience.

Makar- health can be a concern which may bother you, week period for which your have to take adequate precaution.

Day Special financial angle is intact that is blessing, but from your own side don’t put that financial prosperity in to risk by any wrong decision.

Kumbh- despite some hidden obstacles love relationship can be very rewarding psychologically you may be under pressure for that but that is something which you have to accept.

Do-because of your expenses are increasing you have to increase your avenues that thoughtfulness has emerge now to maintain your prosperity

Don’t- don’t neglect your health on account of these pressure, psychologically you are upbeat that is your strength.

Meena –Your abilities to increase your knowledge can lead to your professional stability also, but the real excellence will come with the passage of time for which patience is needed.

Day Special You may be having certain doubts about your abilities, but your focus is right and your hard work will give you gains, that is the goodness which will make your destiny.

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