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Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday 12th December 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – you wish to earn lot of money now, even by altering the course of your life you wish to do that
Do – make some efforts to gain from home, family and property that can prove to be very beneficial to you
Don’t – don’t ignore to acknowledge the support which you get from others at this stage including your family members, even if you have critical views about others you have to be thankful to god and to those who support you, don’t forget to be thankful
Vrish –your own efforts are likely to change the course of your destiny, this should be done without any doubts on your mind
Day special – generally very auspicious period for all kinds of gains. You have the right focus and right direction in your life; make the best of this situation to benefit from these forces.
Mithun – money may be spent and you may be willing to do that but eventually it can put pressure on you and that is where the problem lies,
Do – it is good to enjoy your prosperity but it should not be done in a manner that you feel distressed later
Don’t – don’t just because your financial inflows are stable you should not put your savings into risk. That is where you have to exercise lots of protection and care
Karka – your desire to earn well can actually give you motivation to work hard, you may be very willing to spend on others even to resolve the differences which you may be carrying
Day special –professional focus is the right step forward at this stage, with your knowledge you can be looked upon as an expert and the will improve your image further
Simha – many change are there in your mind, but the hidden factors are not looking very good and therefore you have to consider all options very carefully,
Do – carefulness is better than repenting later, side by side you have to maintain the flow of your efforts ads that is your strength
Don’t don’t – don’t be too rigid in your thoughts and listen to others, that will protect you immensely
Kanya – very auspicious period for financial prosperity but you are too keen to try your luck and put your money into that effort
Day special – inherent risks are too many and that is where you have to be careful, despite your excellent effort if something can go wrong it will
Tula – your concentrating on your work to avoid those pressures, partly you will be successful because luck is favoring you
Do – actually you have to improve your own style of working without putting pressure on itself, that you can learn with time and with patience
Don’t – don’t forget that u have the ability to achieve a lot, and that is giving you financial rewards also, but don’t have doubts on anything u do and for everybody around you
Vrishchik – very auspicious period for luck to support you immensely, but it is never luck alone which gives success in life, your own hard work has supported you fully in the past and this period is also auspicious for that
Day special – your inflows may be stable but your savings are not supporting you, but as long as your commitment towards work and life is intact there is nothing to worry
Dhanu – psychologically you are becoming more and more forceful now, but this is a slight negativity under which you are getting under pressure also
Do – have faith in god and do your best, your knowledge is immense and you have to put to use also,
Don’t – don’t ignore your health, moderation is always better then cure and that is important to understand
Makar – some love relationship is becoming strong for you, your family may become supportive but you will have to make efforts for that
Day special – I still feel that some more patience is needed for some big decisions to emerge, decisions taken in haste can lead to mistakes which have to be avoided
Kumbh – some differences in family may emerge, that can show you in a negative way despite the fact that you are helpful to others,
Do – try to avoid any argument or discussions as it will not help, it can actually lead to more obstacles for you.
Don’t – don’t put your money into risk as it will be difficult to recover, for that reason any changes or change of place are not recommended, don’t do that
Meena – students can actually benefit from their hard work it may not give you the right opening for your professional career but it will pave the way for auspiciousness in a big way
Day special – luck is supporting you like never before in any written exam or interview you will do well, that is your strength

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