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Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday 15th December 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh- Your focus is diversified, that is a good indication as you are giving due involvement towards all areas of life.

Day Special- Involvement towards home and carrier will be beneficial but involvement towards some love relationship may not give the desired results for the time being

Vrish- Extremely auspicious period because you are making positive efforts for your overall improvement, that will bring happiness in home and family also and give you reason to smile.

Do-This period can be beneficial for professional growth also because of your committed involvement, for that reason your path is right and you are moving towards success.

Don’t- don’t measure your success in terms of money alone, that is not required and as such that is a week area at this stage.

Mithun- Mixed period in many ways, obstacles are also there but luck is also supporting.

Day Special-Some moderation in your eating and drinking habits is required at this stage that will protect you from any health upset also, try to resolve difference of opinion with your friends.

Karka- Some differences may appear with spouse that is because of your own stiff nature, any relationship has to be nurtured with care and that is important.

Do- Your self confidence is high and that can bring enormous rewards for you, the most beneficial aspect is professional abilities which can give you due recognition and promotions.

Don’t- don’t have doubts on your own abilities and on the intention of others, that is not required and that must be avoided.

Simha- Health is a concern because you are too lethargic still this is a situation which is protective in many ways and that is a blessing.

Day Special-Psychologically you may be stable but health factors make you a little uneasy, for that reasons don’t ignore your personal well being as that is important.

Kanya- There are inherent factors of stress in relationship, apparently everything is strong but pressures are there which may not make you happy.

Do- Financial prosperity is indicated well and you have to improve that situation further, for that God is kind to you and motivating you enough to work hard

Don’t- don’t be stressed that your elders are not approving your decisions especially in relationship, they may have their own reasons and you will have to appreciate their point of view also.

Tula- Extremely auspicious period for professional and financial prosperity, your focus is likely to give you the professional growth like never before.

Day Special-Even on the financial front this becomes an extremely favorable situation for you, the best aspect is that you are also taking care of every one around you adequately and therefore you have everything under control,

Vrishchik- Luck may favor you because you have worked hard for that, is likely to increase your commitment towards work also side by side.

Do- The overall scenario is such that you are loosing control over your own efforts, you are not satisfied with that and you feel helpless and frustrated.

Don’t- don’t think like that because that is not the right view point, there are ups and down always in terms of efforts and achievement, but that should not make your thinking negative , don’t do that.

Dhanu- Psychologically you may be under some pressure, but you are getting adequate support from others to make you sail through this period.

Day Special- very soon your professional prospects will also start emerging, luck will favor you adequately on that you will be able to showcase your abilities all over again.

Makar- Strength of your financial inflows makes you a little rigid, for that reason you may be inclined to put your money in to risk also, that has to be avoided now.

Do- Stay calm and peaceful, be a little mild and humble also that will help you.

Don’t-don’t bring about any unnecessary changes in your professional front, that is not required, any decisions on that must be made very carefully.

Kumbh- You are stressed on account of expenses as well as on family matters, but you are trying to helpful to others in a big way.

Day Special- the best indication is for your own focus to be right, but there is some amount of uneasiness which needs to be controlled at this stage

Meena - Protect your self from getting in to unnecessary financial issues, it can lead to differences in your family as well as in your work place, have patience at this stage.

Do- Some relationship may not work out because there are inherent differences in them, expecting too much on that is not desirable.

Don’t- don’t put your money in to risk as adequate precaution on that required even on professional matter don’t ignore the importance of constant involvement as that only will sustain its stability

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