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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday 14th December 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You are not satisfied with the progress in your career, but you are trying to work hard and that is a positive sign
Do- Any changes connected with your career may not be as lucrative as you think, that is where you may have to plan your moves carefully.
Don’t- Don’t let any differences appear within your family that can be because you are not willing to listen to others and except their views, don’t do that as it is not recommended.

You are not happy with your financial situations and that puts lot of pressure, for that very reason some obstacles connected with finances may also appear.
Day special- This is period to exercise lot of restrain and patience, expecting something magically is not going to be achieved, stick to your work and you will be benefited.

Your dissatisfactions connected with marriage & career are there despite your trying to improve that adequately, especially for your marriage you are trying to involve well and to be pleasant.
Do- But inherently the situation is that you are not trusting others fully, that is making you agitated and angry.
Don’t- your financial situation is stable, but don’t let it convert into differences on financial matters at this stage.

Health is a concern which needs care, this is because you are not taking adequate precautions also.
Day Special- Psychologically also this situation upsets you a little, for that reason you need to be more at peace and not get unneccerelly perturbed.

Some love relationship may not work out in the manner in which you expect, there are too many inherent pressures and problems in that.
Do- You are trying to please others in various ways, you are also wiling to shower gifts and presents to others.
Don’t- In this entire effort don’t forget that your focus towards making your career is more important, for that you have to work hard and also study well.

Home & family situation needs more care then what you are trying to do, you think that lot more is required to improve that situation at this stage.
Day special- You can convert your thoughts into reality by making positive and planned steps forward, getting into differences in relationships is not recommended that must be avoided.

Your efforts are reducing and you are depending more on luck that can put pressure in the form of lack of performance and differences of opinion.
Do- Total involvement is required at this stage that can actually lead to betterment and financial stability for you.
Don’t- don’t depend too much on luck as it can not give you the desired results, it can actually lead to losses also, don’t plan any travel at this stage.

You are stressed for monetary issues at this stage, but this is more in the form of psychological uneasiness rather than any real one.
Day Special- As for as your professional situation is concerned you have to speak very carefully, do not speak any thing which you are not supposed to speak and that effort will protect you.

Some pressure of expenses and outflow can bother you that make you uneasy on financial front as well.
Do- The best indication is to be supportive in home, family and marriage, that can bring the desired stability which is required at this stage more than any thing else.
Don’t- don’t be psychologically stressed about your career, circumstances will start shaping up better and than your overall stability in life will also improve.

You may not be happy with own performance, that makes you psychologically dissatisfied and stressed.
Day Special- Even if there are routine types of stress you need to control that, otherwise it may make you uneasy even in matters of your abilities and professional performance.

You are not happy with the financial pressures which you are facing now, luck is not supportive and changes have to be avoided
Do- your involvement with some love relationship can be beneficial to you, despite inherent factors of obstacle in that you are still on right path.
Don’t- don’t ignore the strength of your career and the support which you are likely to get from others, that is your strength which you must build at this stage, don’t ignore this.

Professional angle looks week as you are thinking too much, even on personal matters you need better focus to bring about happiness in life.
Day Special- A proper balance between home and your career can bring the desired results, even your spouse or well wishers can be supportive to you in your career matters and that will protect you immensely.

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