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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saturday 13th December 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You are getting stressed because there are many obstacles, but these obstacles are created by you yourself, for all that you are yourself responsible
Day special – you can still resolve these issues by your constant efforts, there is no need to panic as God is kind in many ways, have faith and do your duty
There are many thoughts for changes or alternative plans on your mind, all this is for improving your financial prosperity
Do – but in this bargain you are actually putting your money into risk, that can put further pressure on you and that is what you have to protect
Don’t – don’t be so rigid in your thoughts as it will not help. You can even put your family happiness at stage unless you take care
God is helpful and kind in many ways but you are still trying to put your money into risk and that can lead to differences of opinion
Day special – your own focus is getting lost as obstacles are overpowering you, for that reason you are even loosing your temper and that can further complicate the matters
You may be thinking negatively but God is kind, your overall personal and professional prosperity is intact and that is where you will be able to show case your abilities now
Do – keep yourself calm as that can protect your from obstacles, even health related concerns need to be looked at and proper treatment taken
Don’t – don’t think negatively at this stage, that can increase your routine pressures and that is not actually required
Extremely auspicious period as your won happiness is intact and that is what you are trying to achieve, your involvement towards family and well wishers is remarkable and that will give you tremendous support at every step of your life
Day special – some love relationship may not work out in the manner in which you expect, actually this is not the right time to involve in that as there are many weaknesses and obstacles connected with that
Professional matters may have pressures for you, but you can solve all those pressures with your positive involvement
Do – stability in life is more important than anything else in life, for retaining that stability you will have to take very careful decisions
Don’t – don’t look at unnecessary changes travels or alternatives, that can actually reduce your focus and effort s and that is not recommended at this stage
Excellent period for financial prosperity, your own focus towards life is making it all the more beneficial for you, luck is supporting you in every way
Day special – in all this goodness take the support of spouse or partners, by doing so you will stability your goodness further
In all this goodness you may be psychologically uneasy, you are not convinced that every thing is smooth, for that reason you are worried also
Do – shed these fears and anxieties ass they are not required, remain calm and peaceful and that will help you
Don’t – don’t be distressed about your financial pressures, that is a reality which you have to face, higher essential outflows is something which you have to accept
Far off linkages are strong and that is how your luck is shaping up now, you are getting excellent support from your spouse and everyone around you and that is making you happy
Day special – you are a little uneasy at this stage, but there is no reason for you to be upset without cause, you have to trust your own abilities to handle any situation
Excellent period for financial gains, but you cannot risk all this and therefore you have to be careful,
Do – psychologically you have to remain upbeat and positive, that will protect you in many ways including your health concerns
Don’t – don’t blindly trust others at this stage, that is not to your advantage and you will have to protect your self from that
Your own efforts and hard work will being cheer in many ways, especially in professional matters the circumstances are shaping up to be advantageous to you
Day special – in personal life lot of care and focus is required as you are not devoting enough time to your family and well wishers, you have to find a balance as you cannot avoid or ignore your family at this stage in any case, any issue connected with financial matters can be postponed
Financially very auspicious period as many factors will become favourable to you, your family will be supportive to you in your professional matters also and that support will comes to you from colleagues and associates
Do – there is pressure on you to perform, there are weaknesses on your own knowledge and skills
Don’t – don’t ignore the need to be careful about your finances, your savings may be excellent but your inflows on day to day basis can be under pressure, there can be inherent differences of opinion in financial matters, that is where your focus should lie

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