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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Thursday 25th December 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Remaining dissatisfied may have certain advantages, it can motivate you to progress in life, but it never gives happiness.
Day special – Issues connected with your career are generally stable, but still you are not satisfied, that can lead to routine pressures & differences which are the creation of your own mind.

Vrish – You may be uneasy with your partners but that is reflecting negatively in your profession, you must have a positive mind to get the help & support of others as that is important.
Do – Even in marriage & relationships you have to involve more, and that is exactly what you are not doing.
Don’t – don’t try to buy relationships with money, relationships will be lost & money will be also be lost.

Mithun – Health is a concern with is showing in the chart, but many of these issues may be resolved during the day and you will be satisfied.
Day special – The focus of the day has to be helpful to others, even if you think that you are not getting the response which you should get, still you have to show your goodness.

Karka – Your dissatisfactions in life are valid, the circumstances are becoming such that you are being sidelined which causes agitation of your mind.
Do – Your relationships may not work out at this stage, but your own abilities can be improved with your better involvement.
Don’t –don’t neglect the need to upgrade yourself on constant basis that is where the problem lies, don’t put your money into any legal conflict.

Simha – You may be concerned about your own health or the health of some of your family members, but as the day progresses the circumstances are likely to improve.
Day special – Financial situation will improve and that will motivate you to take care of others better, you must involve with relationships so that those close to you do not adopt the wrong path, with all this goodness and efforts from your side you may not be as satisfied as you want to be, but life is a constant struggle and that is what you have to understand.

Kanya – You may have thoughts connected with travels or far of places for self or others who are close to you that make you stressed and dissatisfied.
Do – But the need is to involve more with the family and your own people, you may not be happy with that situation but that is where your eventual strength lies.
Don’t – don’t get into any love relationship at this stage, even if you are getting support for this it may not work out in the manner in which you expect.

Tula – The gains which you expect are available to you, this is despite the factor that you have reduced your own efforts towards it largely.
Day special – I can see that luck is favoring you immensely in every step, that is providing the financial prosperity also, but you expect much more.

Vrishchik – Career is stable but you are not happy, routine pressures are immense and that makes you dissatisfied.
Do – Getting depressed or uneasy will not solve your problems, there is need to plan well and that is where the weakness lies
Don’t –don’t be so agitated in your mind that you do not trust others, that is the reflection of the chart which needs immediate improvement.

Dhanu – Circumstances are slowly developing to favor you in your life, but you have to show better optimism from your side so that you are able to gain and take advantage of these forces.
Day special – Look at the options and opportunities which are opening for you, you have to take those bigger decisions now based on those opportunities, you have to shed your fears or anxieties now.

Makar – Don’t put your money into risk as that is a weak area, you have to be careful with your boss also as many things are going on at your back.
Do – The first requirement is to have stable thinking, being agitated will lead to wrong decisions which have to be avoided.
Don’t – don’t consider changes or alternatives in your career at this stage, also don’t plan any change of place, there are many hidden factors many can be dissatisfactory connected with any such move.

Kumbh – Career may be rewarding but it has tensions attached to it, you have to prove your abilities and for that you have to work hard, that can actually benefit you at this stage.
Day special – But be careful on whatever is going on at your back, there are many hidden factors which are creating those circumstances which may not be to your advantage.

Meena – Take any monetary decision with care, that will indirectly protect you from getting into differences in your profession also.
Do – Your own positive involvement in whatever you do will bring the desired results, that will protect you from the weaknesses which you are passing through at this stage especially connected with your profession.
Don’t – don’t unnecessarily depend on luck as that can further depress you, have a positive outlook and be optimistic towards life, don’t ignore this.

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