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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wednesday 31st December 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Your focus towards work is increasing and that will benefit you immensely, that also includes your ability to perform well and to show your commitment
Day special –You have to now take up higher responsibilities to prove your abilities, that is where the success in your life depends, that is the strength which is emerging
Vrish – This is a stressful period in many ways, changes or alternative may not give you any advantage, for that reason stability has to be maintained.
Do –You have to show your involvement in a committed manner that will prove to others as to what you can do and achieve.
Don’t – don’t get into any kind of conflicts within the family, that includes your spouse as well as other family members, patience is required in that area.
Mithun –It is not advisable to get in to any conflicts connected with finances, even if you are trying to make an effort to improve your finances at this stage you should avoid differences of opinion.
Day special – For this very reason the pressures on you are increasing, if you avoid differences than patience will be maintained and that is required at this stage.
Karka – You can be helpful to others but it should not be at the cost of causing displeasure at your work place, you have to assess as to what is right and what is wrong in your actions
Do – You have to increase your own knowledge in every way, this is true for students as this can make their career.
Don’t – don’t get into stress with your boss because of any lack of abilities from your side, you have to understand your responsibilities at this stage as you should not be found deficient in this area.
Simha – Extremely auspicious period in many ways, your focus is right and you are trying to perform with a plan,
Day special –Whatever minor psychological unrest you have will also be removed soon, that will show you in a better light and will improve your status in the eyes of others.
Kanya – Weak period as there can be many pressures for you at these stage, those pressure can be connected with home, family as well as children,
Do – You have to involve better with others to understand their problems, getting depressed will not solve the problems as you have to take up a bigger role at this stage.
Don’t – don’t let your performance or hard work reduced because of any confusion on your mind that is the first step forward which can reduce the stress for you, you have to guide your children judiciously and also guide your own destiny with your abilities.,
Tula –You are determine to bring about improvement in your financial situations for that you are taking all positive step forward and that is a remarkable situation.
Day special- In this entire effort you have to remember the help and support of loved ones, with their cooperation and motivation only you can succeed in life.
Vrishchik –Your involvement towards your professional work can gradually improve your financial position also, for that you are on the right track of your efforts and nothing is lacking.
Do –You have to leave your psychological uneasiness behind, you have actually left it behind and you are trying to forge ahead now that is the kind of involvement which is required for success.
Don’t –day to day pressures are many to cause stress on your savings, but don’t be too uneasy because gradually you are trying to improve that situation also, hence remain optimistic in this regard
Dhanu – You have to brush up your knowledge all over again so that you can put it to better use for that if you have to study and revise than it can help you in this hour of need.
Day special –generally this is a period which will support you in your efforts, even if you are not devoting enough time still the circumstances will become favorable for you
Makar – You can not put your financial prosperity in to risk, there can be many obstacles which can make this situation more and more complicated.
Do – You are not able to benefit from the support which you are getting at this stage, you are being a bit too rigid and unfair because of your own uneasiness of mind that needs to be protected
Don’t – While handling your professional affairs don’t ignore the views of your boss, that can be a situation of which may turn against you.
Kumbh –Gains from business or profession are indicated, these gains are also possible because your partners are supporting you in every way.
Day special- but many of these gains may be lost because of lack of planning, the foremost factor for that is that you are not able to handle your routine affairs judiciously, that is where care is required.
Meena – very lucky period in many ways, but still the reward are not as per your expectations, in the bargain you are getting unnecessary worried also.
Do –partly you yourself responsible for this weakness, it is your own doing and own attitude which is causing this trouble.
Don’t –don’t unnecessarily look at travels or movements those are not required and those can be avoided at this stage.

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