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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Wednesday 3rd December 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You are very dissatisfied about your career, for that reason you are considering or thinking about change or alternatives also, at the same time you wish to be close to your family and home
Day special – you have to control differences of opinion which are being created out of your rigid attitude, you are trying to be nice to many people around you but still these factors of differences may remain
Travel movement or changes are on your mind, you are not happy with your friends and well-wishers also, your expectations are high and those are not being met
Do – keep your desires under control as all those desires cannot be fulfilled, your own work related performance has to be improved by your partner
Don’t – don’t ignore the goodness of this period at the same time, luck is supporting you at every step, for that reason many things are under control
You are worried for your money stuck or getting into losses, for that reason you are very depressed and dissatisfied, dependence on luck is not advisable
Day special – more than the pressure it is the psychological angle which is more upsetting, differences or disputes especially with money can aggravate this situation, some amount of patience is needed
You are trying to be helpful to others in many ways, at the same time you are not happy with the response which you get from others, for that reason your expectations are not being met fully
Do – continue to involve with others as that is the solution to many problems, that will remove your psychological unrest also
Don’t – don’t ;let your routine pressures and confusions overpower you, lot of careful handling is required to control these forces
Health issues can bother you, many factors connected with uneasiness of your mind can bother you more than anything else,
Day special – in this entire scenario you have to protect your self from differences at your work place, that can lead to your image being tarnished and that is what you have to protect
If you do not plan your moves properly then it can lead to loss, your knowledge and your abilities are under a cloud because of your confused thinking
Do – especially on financial matters don’t let any confusion appear, your decisions have to based on clarity of thought and factual position
Don’t – don’t depend on luck as that can lead to pressures and losses and outflows for you, remember that your strength lies in your own hard work which must be maintained, don’t ignore this advice
You wish to involve towards your career and that is important, but you are not satisfied with the support which you get from others
Day special – your expectations from your well wishers and family is very high, actually you are getting benefited from them, but you are not satisfied
Luck is supporting you like never before your self confidence is back and that is a blessing, but you wish to achieve much more in life and that is important
Do – your efforts are in the right direction and you are progressing well, that will lead to success and prosperity
Don’t – don’t find fault in others for things which you are not able to accomplish, your routine pressures can reduce your own performance, don’t let that happen
Psychologically you may be a little stressed, but you r own goodness is important to sail you through these difficult times,
Day special – remain pleasant to others so that no one can find fault in you, don’t ever be sarcastic in your approach as nothing can be more painful than that
You will get excellent support from others and that is a blessing, that will improve your professional prospects also which you must look forward to
Do – in what ever support you get you must acknowledge and be thankful for that, being critical in your approach and finding fault in that is very negative situation,
Don’t – don’t unnecessarily put psychological pressures on that, your professional and personal life is shaping up well, that will protect you in many ways
Pressures changes and eve health concerns are all negative factors which need careful handling, especially on health concerns you cannot ignore the need for proper treatment and follow up
Day special – the focus has to be towards you own hard work to give success, your dependence on others can be helpful but may have its own cost attached to it, hence look at the goodness which this period carries
Your own knowledge and skills can be rewarding for you, but in that goodness don’t risk you money as that get into complications and disputes,
Do – any decisions connected with finances need to be postponed for a while, that will protect you some kind of intrigue or cheating which may be targeted towards you
Don’t – don’t get into arguments or differences with anyone important in your life, that may include you boss or even your spouse or well wishers, these differences can be on very small issues which can be logically ignored

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