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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tuesday 30th December 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are trying to have very practical views about your life that includes personal as well as professional focus.
Do – concentrate to be optimistic & practical without expecting too much, that will protect you from getting uneasy without cause.
Don’t – don’t get into any routine stress or differences of opinion connected with your work place that is also a reflection of too much expectation which you may have and that is not required.
Vrish – your positive attitude can actually bring about enormous gains in your life, the foremost thing is that luck will support you with that optimism and your destiny will be made.
Day special –this is a very lucky situation for relationalships to prosper also, but you have to understand that your family may not support you at this stage, in fact you have to avoid getting into differences with in the family at this stage.
Mithun – You have to protect your financial situation with careful planning, getting into impulsive investments can be very risky, and that is not required also.
Do – with your own actions you can create difficulties for your self that is also a factor caused due to being oversensitive & thinking too much, avoid that.
Don’t – don’t become rash in your attitude on account of any financial reasons, that may not give you any advantage and indirectly may spoil your health only.
Karka – You are trying to reach out to others and help others, which indirectly will support your own efforts in life, you have to involve better with your friends to maintain the relationship.
Day special – circumstances connected with boss are a little stressful, despite you are trying to understand others this factor needs more care than ever before.
Simha – You are worried and stressed because of some financial issues that can include loss or cheating because of which you are stressed.
Do – This period is advantages for you to involve in your career, all other factors need to be postponed for a while as nothing will be achieved by getting disturbed.
Don’t – but don’t ignore your health for this very reason, getting too stressed can cause psychological uneasiness also, that can create health related issues as well.
Kanya – Financial prosperity is intact but there are outflows also which you have to perform, those can be for family & children and that is your responsibility.
Day special – if you are trying to spend to please someone you like then also you may not create that harmony as much as you want, most of that effort can go waste.
Tula –some uneasiness connected with your profession can be there, but there are decisions connected with family which you have to be taken, your time & energy will be spent on that.
Do – while doing so you will have to shed your dissatisfactions, because that thinking & attitude will not give you happiness.
Don’t – don’t be unnecessarily stressed, it is again full situation which is to your advantages, for that reason don’t get uneasy or depressed.
Vrishchik – Financially it is a stable period and there is nothing to worry, but you are lot of stress on your mind which is connected with your own efforts home, family and property.
Day special – under such circumstances of uneasiness each step forward is important, you can not resolved everything in one day, slowly the issues have to be resolved with care & patience.
Dhanu – Psychologically you may be stressed, this is a period to maintain lot of patience as that is essential.
Do – financial angle is stable but psychologically you have be more at peace, you are getting support from every one and that will give you happiness.
Don’t – don’t do or say anything which may hurt others, from your side you have to maintain that patience as that is important in life.
Makar – You will get excellent support from others but you are not able to take advantage of that, on one hand you are being uneasy & dissatisfied and on the other you are finding fault with others.
Day special –for that reason you are not getting the support from your friends and relations also, but this is because of your own doing which is a mistake, you have to change your attitude.
Kumbh – Health concerns are showing because you are not taking adequate care, more than any thing else these are the factors made up in the mind which need to be controlled.
Do – Expenses have to be curtailed as there are many pressures on that, but you are likely to get excellent support from others in this regard.
Don’t –don’t under estimate the strength of your own abilities, for that reason the reward from your professional or business are adequate that is where you have to concentrate
Meena – If you wish to gain from your studies than you have to involve without any doubt on your mind, you may need funds for your business for which you may look at the possibility of borrowings also.
Day special – but whatever you borrow must be utilizes properly, some of it may be wasted and may not be utilized for the purpose judiciously, that is where you have to take care.

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