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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Saturday 20th December 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – you have to be more caring towards your family, remaining agitated will take you away from them and that is not required
Do – circumstances are becoming favorable for you because of two things, your efforts are in the right direction and your relationships are supportive
Don’t – don’t get agitated on routine matters, any work related stress should be taken in a positive sense
Vrish – if you involve better and work hard then you can succeed in your education, students will actually benefit from this effort at this moment
Day special – any kind of love relation is a weak area which must be accepted, this is not the period to indulge in relationship or for that matter expect too much from family and marriage, to protect this situation you have to involve more with others and try to understand others
Mithun – if you wish to invest in some properties then it can be a advantageous situation, but any effort which takes you away from your professional career must be avoided
Do – your involvement towards your family and marriage is remarkable and that will reduce the weaknesses which are emerging at this stage and that is what you should try to attempt
Don’t – don’t unnecessarily plan any big moves in life, that is not required and you must try to maintain stability at any cost,
Karka – despite your efforts and focus your results are not emerging in the manner in which you expect, for that reason even your personnel and professional situation is becoming weak
Day special – you have to protect yourself from any type of differences of opinions at this stage, any kind of movements or routine pressures have to be avoided, you have to understand your boss and his views at this stage
Simha – changes and expenses both can be costly, that can increase your psychological pressures unnecessarily and that is what you should protect yourself from
Do – to improve your financial and professional situation your own performance has to improve. Luck may support you adequately at this stage, a little bit of better involvement will give results
Don’t – don’t ignore your health as that is a lingering issue which needs constant care, even in professional matters don’t get into differences especially with your partners, that is not required
Kanya – your thinking is totally aligned towards raising your financial prosperity, but changes and wasteful expenses can take away that advantage and you may not gain fully from that
Day special – if you have to benefit from your efforts and your involvement with others then you have to shed the fears and anxieties from your mind, trust others and you will get that trust in return
Tula – out of confusions you are trying to bring about changes in your life, this is a kind of stiff attitude mixed up with confusions that the decisions may not be proper
Do – consider all options before taking any big step at this stage, you must also understand that you have responsibilities towards your own people which have to be fulfilled
Don’t – don’t risk you financial prosperity because of your stiffness of nature at this stage, there is definite need to adopt the path of moderation at this stage
Vrishchik – luck may support you in many ways, financial prosperity for that reason is indicated
Day special – rewards and returns from your career are making you happy, but this is a period which will take away your savings and put you under pressure for that reason
Dhanu –psychological upsets and obstacles are there connected with your career, but you have to remain upbeat as that is the bigger requirement at this stage
Do – take care of personnel well being and as well as your family, that is the focus required at this stage
Don’t – don’t ignore the need to constantly upgrade your knowledge as that is the requirement for future, invest your time in that
Makar – you cannot leave the factor of your family and relationships including marriage to chance, a little bit of carefulness can maintain that stability and happiness which is coming under pressure
Day special – financial angle is becoming weak and that is where the problem lies, you have to necessarily maintain stability by constant planning and then only this situation can remain stress free
Kumbh – week period on health matters, psychologically you need to be more piece with yourself
Do – look at the positive side of the things, relationships are working well and professional angle is becoming stable,
Don’t – don’t put your money into risk at this stage, lot of protection and carefulness is required in that planning
Meena – you are thinking seriously about some relationship and to convert that into marriage, in your career you are trying to get maximum support from others including your partners
Day special – it is not that the rewards will flow everyday but efforts must be made every day to maintain that stability, that one aspect needs to be understood always

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