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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sunday 21st December 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – your dependence on luck cannot be advantageous as this may be have its own inherent problems, even in your desire for relationships it may have inherent obstacles
Day special – largely these obstacles are created by your own thinking, you have to remain very focused and work towards your relationships to get happiness.
Vrish – in your effort to improve your education and knowledge you are forgetting your responsibilities towards your own people, even with that effort you are not able to achieve excellence in your studies
Do – planetary forces are not supportive at all, but you can still work hard to improve that situation, that is essential
Don’t – don’t ignore your family and try to understand the views of your boss, both ways you have to protect from getting into upsets.
Mithun – protect yourself from any upsets in financial angle, you are trying to be helpful to others but you may not get matching response from others
Day special – you need to improve your professional circumstances by your constant improvement of knowledge, it may not be easy and it may require constant hard work, but you can achieve this because you have the desired motivation to do so.
Karka - in your effort to bring about improvement in your life you are considering unnecessary changes, that can lead to failure of your efforts because you will not be able to concentrate on your work properly, that concentration is more important than anything else
Do – your involvement has to be total and you have to increase your knowledge side by side, this factor is becoming weak which needs protection
Don’t – luck may not support you in your risky ventures, that can lead to pressures as well, but don’t ignore the help of your family which is always supportive
Simha – extremely auspicious period from many ways, you have worked hard and that is evident, financial angle is specifically advantageous because of this situation
Day special – pressures connected with your career need to be handled better than what you are doing, for that you have to remove several doubts from your mind
Kanya –your friends or well wishers may not be as supportive to you as you expect, the situation can actually cause even financial loss to you and that creates professional pressures as well
Do – financial angle is becoming too heavy on your mind, but many of these issues can be handled with your own planned efforts
Don’t – don’t have any lack of trust towards your own family members and well wishers, that can be unfortunate and that can lead to unnecessary family related problems
Tula – you are trying to bring about changes in your life for growth and improvement, that is a positive effort and step forward because of the inherent weaknesses which are continuing
Day special – as such your efforts are weak in this moment and your desire to bring about improvement is a step to increase those efforts, that is a remarkable situation which must be praised
Vrishchik - your personal involvement to remove pressures in life is remarkable, that is the positive angle which will improve your overall well being
Do – luck is supporting you in this effort and you are likely to gain in terms of your performance also, continue with this effort in the days to come as well
Don’t – don’t let your knowledge get reduced because this is not supporting you in any way, you have too many issues on your mind and this weakness needs careful handling
Dhanu – far off linkages connected with your career are activating now, this is a lucky situation but you are still not convinced about it
Day special – you have too many confusions on your mind, look at the positive side of things and plan properly, that will open up the path of prosperity and stability for you
Makar – you can put your financial and personal prosperity into risk, there can be loss or wastage if you do not plan well, any changes in life at this stage can increase those wastages or losses and hence they are not recommended
Do – even change of place is not recommended, stability is important at this stage for which you have to maintain your focus
Don’t – don’t push your luck too far, that can even cause health related concerns as you are ignoring many important and essential factors of your life, don’t do that
Kumbh – professional efforts will bring enormous financial gains for you, this is because of your efforts and your knowledge put together
Day special – circumstances for success in life have to created with stable head, that is what you are precisely doing and it is very advantageous
Meena – very lucky period for your professional involvement, despite differences with boss the situation is supportive and your boss may also turn favorable towards you
Do – in this bargain you have to understand the need for being helpful to others, this includes your well wishers your business partners and even your spouse
Don’t – don’t be unfair in your attitude as that is not required, you are becoming unfair because of confusions of your mind and that is where lot of protection is needed.

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