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Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday 19th December 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – differences of opinion in relationships is bothering you that is making you psychologically also distressed,
Day special – the circumstances are making cracks in your family relationships also. All this needs very careful handling and planning, you are realizing it and you wish to change this situation
Vrish – you are trying to involve well with others, but still the efforts are going wasted because you are not achieving what you wish to achieve
Do – from your side you have to involve well with others at this stage that only will improve your overall situation and bring back your happiness
Don’t – don’t put too many demands on your near and dear ones, that is not fair and that is not required, don’t blindly look for alternatives at this stage
Mithun – your positive efforts are directed towards your personnel well being, that will improve circumstances in your life and make you happy,
Day special – this positive attitude is very important at this stage, this will remove many obstacles and will set you on the path of righteousness
Karka – some travel or changes can prove to be harmful, you have to protect yourself from getting into that and then getting distressed
Do – to maintain stability in your career you have to constantly upgrade your knowledge, gradually situation is becoming for that
Don’t – don’t try to bring in the factor of luck in your relationship, that will not improve the situation and that may not help you to grow in your life
Simha – you wish to involve others for the sake of money that is unfortunate and that will be understood,
Day special – unless you take care you may be EXPOSED AT THE STAGE which may lead to more harm, that may lead to differences and conflicts which you must avoid by your honesty in life
Kanya – if you wish to change the place of residence and bring about changes in your personnel life then this can be a period to consider carefully, it may not bring the desired monetary influence
Do – but this period also makes you think positively about others, even if others are unfair
Don’t – don’t family issues are becoming more and more important, don’t ignore your responsibility towards that at this stage
Tula – you are not happy about your financial situation, not because your inflows are bad but your expenses are most erratic
Day special – your savings have been good and that has helped you immensely, gradually your financial position will become better but routine pressures of outflows and losses have to be controlled
Vrishchik - your professional situation is becoming more and more advantageous in terms of monetary inflows, that is the positive attitude and help which is available to you and which will help you to gain in future also
Do – some pressures or issues connected with your own performance have to be addressed better, you cannot ignore this fact if you have to bring stability in your life
Don’t – don’t ignore the routine pressures and stress which is there, that will come back again and again and that is where some careful planning is required, don’t ignore that
Dhanu – luck will be supporting you immensely and some developments connected with your career may be possible, this is the focus you require at the stage
Day special – family is important but future professional stability is more important, try to bring about the balance and devote your time towards that
Makar – distressful situation with your boss and that can harm your interests, be careful that you are not pushed to a situation that you have to look for alternatives
Do – stay calm and handle your affairs very carefully, improve your own performance as that is the case for concern
Don’t – don’t at the same time so distressed as that will take away your focus completely, take support from others as that support is available
Kumbh – you may gain from your spouse and supporters at the stage, even some love relationship can become supportive but you are still not convinced or satisfied
Day special – career is moving well and may become more and more profitable in the days to come, you have to take advantage of this situation
Meena –some differences of opinions at workplace can bother you, even in your marriage you need to devote more time to improve relations
Do – You are trying to devote time for family and that is an important effort, luck is also supporting you in this effort and it is a blessing
Don’t – don’t create pressures at your workplace as that can prove to be harmful, constant hard work is required to remove these pressures and to gain eventually

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