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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thursday 4th December 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Your own attitude of being firm and stiff is causing obstacles for you, that is causing pressures in family and professional life both, even your performance is getting affected
Do – moderation of this attitude is required to improve the situation, you also have to improve your own focus to bring better harmony in home family and marriage
Don’t – don’t get into unnecessary disputes or differences at this stage, even with your boss and even in your personal relationships, don’t let this negativity appear
Very stable and auspicious period for happiness and prosperity, relationships are rewarding and family is supportive
Day special – an auspicious situation of prosperity in every way, changes have to be decided with care, undue expenses have to be curtailed otherwise they may turn into loss
Weak period as financial issues may bother you, some matters connected with finances may turn into disputes or differences and that may include family and property matters as well
Do – from your side you have to remain calm and have lot of patience, this is not a period to get agitated or complicate the matters
Don’t – don’t get into any love relationship at this stage as indirectly it can have negative linkages, it may not give you happiness and hence it should be totally avoided
Excellent period for many developments, relationships are strong and rewarding, professional growth and prosperity is also indicated,
Day special – some change connected with career can bring further success in your life, but decisions have to be taken with careful planning and considering all kinds of options
Very auspicious period in every way, your involvement towards family and relationships is very rewarding, you will stand to gain immensely from them
Do – there is a negativity attached to this goodness, your own views can be negative and you may not draw full happiness in this period, that is where you have to protect yourself
Don’t – out of confusions don’t let any pressures emerge at your work place, this may be due to lack of information or lack of clarity, don’t therefore act in haste
You can resolve and control your obstacles with your own hard work, this is one factor which can change the entire scene for you in your favor
Day special – any professional movement or travels can have inbuilt stress, that stress can be because of lack of knowledge also, you have to prepare for that
Financial prosperity is well indicated, that is the reason for your contentment and happiness, even professional and business gains are strong which give you satisfaction
Do – you have to try and draw happiness at this stage, remaining dissatisfied at this stage will not help, your own forceful ness will support all this and you are on the right path
Don’t – don’t expect more than what is right for you, desires and expectations can never be fulfilled, some amount of moderation and contentment has to be brought into your life and thinking
Your self confidence will give you enormous gains, that will lead to your pointed focus towards your career and this period is very auspicious for that
Day special – routine pressures of work can be immense, but as long as it is financially rewarding you will be motivated to face that also, far of linkages are improving now to give you gains
Your thoughts are hovering for changes option, alternatives and generally for moving ahead in life, but by thinking all this you are getting a little stressed also
Do – plan your life with conviction, you have accomplish so much more and for that you have to move ahead in life also
Don’t – don’t let your knowledge get reduced in any way, it has to be used and chanelised in a proper manner, the time is emerging very fast and don’t let it slip out of your hands
Excellent period of financial gains, luck is supporting you in that effort and that where the goodness lies
Day special – many people are supporting you in your efforts, that is the goodness which you carry, but from your side you are still as cooperative to others as you should be
Excellent period for professional stability, your boss will also be supportive to you to motivate you and to give you rewards,
Do – your own knowledge will help you in this effort and you will be happy with this performance, work related stress has to be accepted as part of life
Don’t – don’t get perturbed with routine pressures as that is the price you pay for achieving success in life, don’t reduce your own efforts with your negative thinking as that will not help
Very auspicious period for financial prosperity, but some love relationship may not work out in the manner which you expect, protect yourself from risking your money unnecessarily
Day special – luck is favoring you in almost all parameters of life, on financial matters this can prove to be beneficial and you will be happy with it

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