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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Thursday 18th December 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Your thoughts are hovering around changes in your career, you wish to take decisions for improving your financial position
Do – But for achieving that you have to first improve your own performance and knowledge, circumstances will shortly improve for you in this direction
Don’t – don’t ignore the support & help which others are trying to give you in your financial matters, Luck may not help you but your own efforts will

Vrish –Generally lucky & auspicious period in many ways, your involvement towards others will prove to be beneficial to you in the long run.
Day special – God is kind in many ways and your own focus is making it all the more favorable, your partners have been supportive & helpful but you have to maintain this goodness in future also

Mithun – Your relationship may not give you happiness, despite your efforts there are too many obstacles which spoil your focus also
Do – Instead of thinking about relationships you should rather think about making your career that is an area which is suffering
Don’t – don’t ignore the fact that your children needs greater attention from you, you have to involve with them more so that they continue on the path of righteousness

Karka – Family may be supportive to give you financial gains also, for that reason you are trying to involve well with others and to remove any kind of differences
Day special –The fact that you are doing well in career is making you a bit negative in your thinking also, don’t let this goodness weekend because of your own faults

Simha –There can be many pressures in your career which is not a good situation, your own efforts are lacking and that is a negativity which you carry.
Do – Two reasons can be attributed to this, your health is not supporting to and your own efforts are not in right direction, both of them require care
Don’t – Generally you are passing through a lucky period, but over dependence on luck is also kind of negativity which can not take you very far, don’t let that happen

Kanya –You are trying to use your money power to please your family, spouse and even relationships, but this entire efforts has inbuilt obstacles
Day special – Except certain things as they come, expecting too much and trying to alter the situation may not work at this stage, and refrained from doing so

Tula – Your focus towards your personal relationships & family is praiseworthy, that is a lucky situation for financial prosperity also
Do – your involvement towards relationships and your friends is praiseworthy, that will give you happiness & control many negative aspects
Don’t – pushing your luck too far can be dangerous, that can lead to routine pressures to increase & loses, don’t do that

Vrishchik – you are very worried about certain expenses which you think are unnecessary, but that is something which you can’t avoid
Day special – many of these pressures can be reduced if you involve in your career well that is an area which has been suffering and which needs to be improved

Dhanu – financial prosperity is intact and that is a kind of blessing which you carry, career moves need to be improved to bring about financial stability for you.
Do – you have to speak to others so that your desires get fulfilled, shed your fears & anxieties and that will also help you in this regard
Don’t – don’t ignore your health as that is a factor linked to your current situation, especially on your psychological front doesn’t become uneasy

Makar – generally auspicious period for many things to be stable, but psychologically the situation puts pressure in your marital life which is not looking stable.
Day special – your own efforts are less then what they should ideally be, that is the reason that even your boss can be unfavorable towards you and that is what you need to control

Kumbh – The auspiciousness is connected with your professional sphere, you are confused and uneasy about your family and that is the root cause for your pressures.
Do – your involvement towards your marriage will help many matters to be solved favorably, even in relational ships this effort will help
Don’t – don’t look at unnecessary changes in your life at this stage, even any change of place needs to be avoided for the time being

Meena – There can be many pressures on your financial well being unless you take care, but psychologically this period is making you more uneasy thinking about that situation
Day special – your own involvement needs to be improved, that only can support and help you in the long run, understands this fact and then your focus will automatically get improved.

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