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Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday 8th December 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You start the day with uneasiness and dissatisfactions on your mind, there are issues as diverse as conflicts health and psychological upsets on your mind
Do – as the day progresses things become better and hence remain upbeat, more than anything else you will realize that everything is not all wrong
Don’t – don’t still ignore all those factors which cause these upsets, especially on health matters
Everything was going well in some love relationship, you have been trying to make it more serious and get support from others, but some pressures are building
Day special – set back in the form of obstacles is just coming, you have to accept many such things in the coming months so that you are able to avoid any distress on your mind
You have been your self responsible for many problems in the recent past but now circumstances are becoming better and your protection level will improve, that is also valid for your overall happiness
Do – involve well towards others, especially to handle your boss you need to communicate better to solve many problems
Don’t – don’t ignore your career as many things are putting pressure on that, don’t also put your money in any kind of risk at this stage as it will be difficult to recover that
Some changes or travels have to be avoided now, but on the emotional front the obstacles will be removed and that is bigger reflection of the better times ahead
Day special – all those thoughts for change in job etc will be a thing of the past, now you will be convinced that it is better to stay where you are for the sake of stability
Financial aspect is very well indicated, you have done so much for your family and even property
Do – now the time is slowly emerging where you have to think about your personal happiness including your relationships
Don’t – don’t create doubts in your mind especially with regard to some love relationship, that will be a negative factor in the days to come and you have or protect yourself from that
Many changes are occurring on your professional front, you have tried to involve well in the past and that has given you good rewards
Day special – the period to unfold will give better stability in your life and that will make you happy, if you are trying to be back home or be close to the family then the circumstances will become favourable
Very lucky period for financial prosperity, you have gained immensely from this situation and this is a continuation of those good times
Do – you have to reduce the pressure of expenses in the coming days and you will be able to do that, that will gradually remove the stress which you have been carrying
Don’t – don’t ignore the lingering family and monetary disputes which have been bothering you, the time is coming to address those issues and to resolve them now
An excellent period is emerging to convert your skills to profitable ventures, the best indication is that your monetary inflows will improve to make you very happy
Day special – even the routine obstacles are likely to be removed soon, that will make your involvement towards work to be committed and stable, take advantage of this auspicious situation
The distress in professional matters are coming to an end, new opportunities and new avenues are likely to open up now and that is a blessing
Do – consider all those options very carefully, while doing so you will have to keep the factor of professional growth on your mind
Don’t – don’t be in haste in taking those decision , wait for a while and assess all those opportunities to come in the next 15 to 20 days
Luck has been favoring you immensely in the past, but now you have to reduce that dependence as that may not help anymore
Day special – any kind of changes or travels will put more pressure on you. Hence you have to consider changes more carefully so that you don’t go wrong
The obstacles in your career and getting removed now, that will make you happy as distress will be removed and your commitment towards work will increase
Do – continue to involve will others as that can lead to immense support , that support can be reflected in professional matters also to give you stability and rewards
Don’t – don’t risk your money in the days to be come as that can be very risky, that is something which you have to understand and implement now as going wrong on this can be costly
Some family partnership may be in the offing, it is an auspicious situation but you have to take some extra care in this regard
Day special – see to it that any decision connected with profession does not lead to its weakness by the changes you plan to do, stability of professional excellence is more important than financial rewards and that is what you have to understand

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