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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Wednesday 17th December 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are stressed on account of your relationship, you witch to get the support from others which is not forthcoming
Day special – keeping dissatisfactions about your own people is not recommended, eventually they will come to your help and rescue, try to understand this importance
Vrish –your own abilities are under a cloud and you are not performing well to improve that situation, you seem to be confused and dissatisfied
Do – remaining uneasy will not solve the problem, you will have to involve towards your work at this stage and leave everything else
Don’t – don’t get into any relationship as that may not work out, don’t also put your money into risk as that can be upsetting
Mithun – your financial position can be under stressed, routine pressures are also there in the form of obstacles which have to be controlled
Day special – Your efforts have to be directed towards being helpful to others, that can actually bring improvement overall situation including your professional well being
Karka - Personnel dissatisfactions have to be kept under controlled, for that reason you have to control your anger also as that can lead to conflicts
Do – stay very calm and look at your strengths, you own career and your own abilities is your strength at this stage, devote well towards that
Don’t – don’t get into financial disputes as that is not recommended, actually that can lead to your own loss which can be very upsetting
Simha – some impulsive expenses or outflows can bother you, you’re inclined towards some love relationship and that is also not working out.
Day special – many of these issues are largely connected with your own dissatisfactions, that can lead to your own loss and that is what you have to protect at this stage
Kanya – committed as well as impulsive expenses can put your financial stability into risk, these are the factors of ups and downs of your thinking which need better moderation
Do – if you are thinking about some changes in life then look at the hidden factors which are not looking very good, you have to take very careful decisions at this stage
Don’t – don’t trust others blindly as far as financial angle is concerned, you can be put to loss or hardship unless you are careful
Tula – you may be earning well financially but there are two pressures which are simultaneously working on you, your routine pressures and expenses are high and you are not satisfied with your career
Day special – but the main reason for this weakness is that your own involvement is reducing, that is where you have to improve and moderate the situation to your advantage
Vrishchik - you cannot depend on luck as far as your growth in life is concerned, your own involvement has to be total at this stage,
Do – involve well towards your career without any doubts or uneasy, that kind of mental stability will improve your situation
Don’t – don’t let your knowledge get reduced at this stage because of the various pressures which you are facing, knowledge is your power and your greater strength, don’t let that happen
Dhanu – psychologically you may continue to be stressed, but the gradual improvement is now visible and that will shape up the path for you in future
Day special – luck has started favoring you fully, your own efforts will add further advantage in this overall plan, financial angle is stable and will give you happiness
Makar - you have to devote more time towards you’re your family and marriage, that can reduce the stress which you may be having
Do – differences of opinion have to be kept under control, even with boss you have to be careful to avoid any upsets
Don’t – don’t ignore your health as this is another factor of pressures, these may be routine pressures but they are likely to cause health related upsets.
Kumbh – differences in home, family and marriage need to be controlled, these may seemed to be routine pressures but they can have bigger implications
Day special – you are too involved and you are ignoring your personnel life, that is where better moderation and involvement is required to protect your interest
Meena –relationships may not work out in the manner in which you expect, there is lack of trust and that is the reason for relationships not working
Do – avoid any kind of misunderstandings in relationships as well as your workplace, especially if they are connected with financial matters
Don’t – don’t let confusions or dissatisfactions overtake your mind that can actually have an indirect effect on your career and that is where lot of protection is required

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