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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Friday 5th December 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You are worried about your career more than anything else, some concerns about stability of finances is also on your mind
Day special –your own abilities are under pressures and that is causing these fears, your boss may be critical about your performance and that is also a hindrance which you are facing, take adequate precautions at this stage
Your concerns are not as valid as you are worried, your performance is reducing towards life because you are depending too much toward luck, your own efforts need to be made stable
Do – god is kind in many ways, even your financial pressures are likely to be removed soon, you have to plan all this carefully
Don’t – don’t make your thinking negative on account of heightened expectations, that will not help eventually, your family is supportive and that is a real blessing, don’t ignore that
You are worried and fearful, this is a weak period which requires care and proper handling,
Day special – the foremost requirement in this period is to keep your self confidence high, if you remain uneasy then nothing will be achieved, the best indication is that you will get support from others to overcome your problems
Pressures and differences in marital life are showing, because of that you are not satisfied and that causes psychological pressures also
Do – this is a passing phase and will be resolved soon, to solve any kind of family pressure you have to be vigilant in future also, for that very stable thinking is required
Don’t – don’t ignore the possibility that there can be differences of opinion, these have to be controlled with your own efforts at this stage, don’t show any anger in your dealing with others
Health is a concern and that is not looking good, you are ignoring it and not taking proper care, even investigations and treatment is lacking
Day special – even marital disputes are appearing because lack of your involvement, you are trying to give importance to money and everything else is getting ignored, a proper balance is required to give importance to everything around you
Some love relationship is causing pressures ion you, differences can lead to disputes and that is not looking very good, you are yourself confused
Do – the main focus at this stage is to stabilize your career and work towards it. Students are not devoting enough time and effort toward studies and that needs to be resolved
Don’t – don’t get unnecessarily depressed as that is not going to solve your problems,. Don’t get into extremes of thinking as that is not required
This is a weak period for many reasons, your involvement towards family is there in the form of care and concern, but you are not able to have contentment and happiness in all this effort, that is the reason that your efforts are going waste
Day special – even in some love relationship you are not happy, you are trying to weigh everything in terms of money, that is an unfortunate situation and will not give happiness
You are not happy the way you are performing, there are too many weaknesses and you are not able to wish what you wish to achieve
Do – your involvement has to be total and without any doubts you have the abilities and everything placed well for you, then why have doubts
Don’t – don’t ignore the help of your spouse in handling your personal and professional matters. Take this help at this stage as it can prove to be very beneficial
You have to control what you say or write, even if you are saying in your own goodness you have to exercise lot of restraint
Day special – professional situation continues to be weak and that also makes you uneasy, but you have to remain upbeat as favourable circumstances will emerge very soon to fulfill your desires
Some concerns may appear as a result of what you speak, that can lead to confusions and uneasiness and relationships as well as work place, be careful on that
Do – it is not wise to risk your money, this is the time to start controlling your expenses and you will be able to achieve it very soon
Don’t – don’t have doubts about the intensions of your well wishers, this is only an extreme of thinking which is making you negative in your attitude, don’t let that happen
You are likely to make mistakes which may lead to your own loss, if you take careful decisions then you will be able to protect your self from such losses also
Day special – your career is stable and that is your strength, in that also routine pressures may be there which needs to be handled better without causing any stress on you
You are worried for your financial situation, expenses losses and upsets connected with that may bother you
Do – your strength is in your career and you have to protect that so that it does not become weak,
Don’t – don’t get into any hasty decisions connected with your monetary affairs, that can lead to upsets expenses or even losses, protect yourself from that situation

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